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- The Enemies We Create - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

The Enemies We Create

The Enemies We Create
(Bad Land Records - 2008)

The Bavarian quintet was founded years ago by singer / guitarist Nick Kolar and bassist Birgit Öllbrunner. As usual some line-up changes happened, also Birgit left the band. In 2006 the foursome released their debut called World's Destructive Domination. Now 2 years later they are back with The Enemies We Create.
With Trust In Man they kick off. Heavy riffs lead into the tune, but then they storm ahead with fast riffs and double-bass-drum attacks. Nick Kolar adds some growls and shows that the band is based between Bay Area thrash and death metal. Even if they vary speed the song is somehow longish as it can't really hook you up. The following Vengeful Angel combines dragging parts with fast riffing and mean vocals. Some guitar parts seems to be inspired by Nevermore... The title track has a Oriental touch in the beginning, then the guitars join in and its more inspired by Spanish classic guitars, but then they explode and a grunt kicks you into the song. With New Age Of Treason they present a slower song, but it has fast riffing, too. The vocal line at Valley Of Fallen Stars reminds me off another song, but I can't fathom it... Perhaps the songs which is most easy to get into... They use also some spoken words part as counter part to the growls - and that makes the song stick out.
Technically well done, I miss some uniqueness... And the songs are a bit bulky, even if there are parts which can catch the interest. Hardly anything you remember... Nothing which haunts you and let you feel the urge to play it again. Beside that the drum sound is in my opinion not punchy / crunchy enough... But they did good on the guitars. To get an idea check out The Enemies We Create, New Age Of Treason and Valley Of Fallen Stars.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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