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On disc: Coma Star

- Headroom Of Conscience - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Headroom Of Conscience

Headroom Of Conscience
(Locomotive Music - 2003)

The Swiss band Rhythm Woods should have toured Switzerland in January 2000 when one member quite surprisingly. The three who were left alone took the chance and did the tour which was the founding of Coma Star. All three band members are from Europe, but 'born in Switzerland, the magic happened in LA' says drummer Christian Werr. The trio sound like - as their drummer describes the Coma Star sound - 'U2 on Jack Daniels. It's angry, but melodic and very, very personal.' Even if I personally don't see the parallel to U2... The sound is very heavy and reminds me of bands like Life Of Agony, Alice In Chains.... But don't expect to hear the same type of music! Pounding bass and shredded guitars, partly screaming guitars build with the hammering drums the basis for the emotional vocals. Always melodic, sometimes singer Emmi sounds desperate, then angry, disappointed, hurt... Headroom Of Conscience is an interesting debut album, a 'powerful mix of doubt and confidence' to quote Emmi. A song like Give Yourself Away is a slower, more mellow, but touching track with breaks leading into alternative rock parts.
Try: Give Yourself Away, Painkiller, Don't Fit

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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