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On disc: Cold Rush

The Illness - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

The Illness

The Illness
( - 2009)

Cold Rush was founded in 2006 by guitarist Klaus Lange and bassist and programmer Ralf Reiche. Their aim was to continue what Ministry and Die Krupps started. Later they found the other band members and this is their debut album The Illness!
With electronic beats and some spoken words - in German - which sound like coming from a machine they open with the intro Der Beginn. A dark heavy, electronic tune is Daily Come.the vocals of Sebastian Müller varies from aggressive, powerful parts to almost whispered words. The music could also be described as NDH meets electro / gothic metal with a dash of dark wave. Again they use spoken words, but then they had into an angry up-tempo tune with electro beats and heavy guitars. A blend of crossover, hardcore and EBM... That's The Moche. Fields Of Glass sounds like a NDH version of a Depeche Mode tune... A danceable electro goth tune is Relation With A Lie... Sebastian's vocals partly sound mean - a bit of Rammstein and a bit of Wolfsheim. This song is less metal, more dark wave / EBM, even if there are some heavy riffs. Trust No One has a catchy hook, but the metallic riffs are back and some aggression they also add. Quite interesting. Next in line is The Age I Wee which isn't a bad one, but somehow doesn't fit in here... Very heavy is Karmageddon and if there wouldn't be the synthesizer sounds, then it would be a true metal tune. The drums sound is a bit weak which shows here more then at the other tracks. It's not the drumming of Stephan Lanzl, it's the mix... At Mental Penitentiary the drum sound is better. But a heavy track like these needs a heavy punch - and that I miss partly. Anyway, still a good one.
The album is entertaining, but with the mix of so different sounds, it won't be easy... You have to be open-minded for The Illness. But if this mix sounds interesting to you, then check out the German youngsters!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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