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On disc: Cloudscape

- Global Drama - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Global Drama

Global Drama
(Golden Core - 2008)

The Swedish quintet Cloudscape presents with Global Drama their 3rd album and they are on the way to the top 10 of progressive power metal bands. The opener Mind Diary is quite heavy and also a bit dark and so reminds me of their fellow countrymen Evergrey, but a bit more progressive and partly are more progressive melodic metal. But singer Mike Andersson can add some aggression, too. The following track Darkest Legacy starts lightly... almost airy, but then they kick off and present a powerful, epic and melodic tune. Here they partly remind me of Dream Theater at times of Images & Words... But that didn't describe the song at all, coz there is so many more, you have to listen to it! The Oriental sounds and elements of Cloak & Daggers make you think of Kamelot - and again this is only a facet. And if these words sound appalling at all, then you really should check them out! I guess you'll fall in love with them instantly! They kick off One Silent Moment with a bagpipe and slowly they start into this atmospheric tune, but then go full force and present a song with twists and turns. On Static they get heavier with hard drum beats and crunchy riffs partly driving them ahead. And with a catchy hook line they soon will get you! Fragile fans of Threshold should dig... A bit balladesque it gets with Eyes Of Jealousy - at the beginning, but then the song becomes quite powerful. The vocals of Mike Andersson are emotional and touching. Great tune!
The production, mixing and mastering was done by Pontus Lindmark who did an amazing job and which helps to make this album shine! Everybody who loves melodic powerful metal with a progressive edge, should give it a try! If these guys get a chance to promote the album live and make new friends, they should soon rattle at the throne of progressive metal!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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