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On disc: Clairvoyants

The Shape Of Things To Come - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

The Shape Of Things To Come

The Shape Of Things To Come
(Valery Records - 2012)

They have made 11 new songs, the Italian band Clairvoyants, but it feels like they have struggled hard, scrape the floor many times to reach a total of 11 songs. Some ballads combined with heavy and power metal amongst each other. Luca Princiotta known from Doro is with the band for this album and leaves a solid footprint on an album that could use some improvement. No Need To Surrender gets the metal party started with sharp and weightful heavy metal guitars in the first song on their new album. I Don't Believe Their Lie goes in another direction with a good but slow kind of metal musical bending that sees the rescue in a tempo-filled composition above average. Endure And Survive is very melodic and still contains a good dose of solid guitar metal rock. The title song The Shape Of Things To Come stands as the best song present on Clairvoyants' second studio album. Power metal in a rolling version gives the best impression from Clairvoyants. To Heaven And Back gives the listeners a chance to tempo and party rock into their veins as the Italians spreads out their musical talents. Hope there is a better album in the store from Clairvoyants next time.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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