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On disc: Civic Monster

- Civic Monster - Volker Raabe - 7 stars

Civic Monster

Civic Monster

The band Civic Monster is from Oldenburg in Germany and this is their 6 track debut album which was recorded at the Soundgarden Studio in Oldenburg. It's produced by the band. The quintet focus' on catchy songs which are well structured and show different facets of their sound. Their target group can't be described easily, coz the band is somewhere between power trash and power rock. The band works with breaks which makes it - at least for me - pretty interesting.
You can get the album for 15,- DM at:
Frank Bornkeßel, Stedinger Str. 94 in D-26135 Oldenburg, Germany
Next time a more powerful production and I'm curiously waiting for your full-length album!

7 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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