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On disc: Citizen Useless

Don't Die For Lies - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Don't Die For Lies

Don't Die For Lies
(P.I.G. Records - 2010)

Citizen Useless was founded in 2006 in Jakarta / Indonesia. The guys got together to play loud, distorted music and songs like I Don't Owe You Anything show off their punk roots and love to old school hardcore. Musically they should be interesting for fans of Agnostic Front, Black Flag and similar outfits. A song like EMO Sucks stick out a bit, but even if they seem to follow the same pattern while writing songs, the songs offer a certain variety of sounds. Some fast punk rockers, others show metallic riffage and then there are old school hardcore tunes. J.Sin's vocals are always on top and even if the production isn't top-notch - but nobody expects this from a punk / hardcore act -, the balance between the instruments is there and even if it could be a bit more powerful, they deliver a full dose of what they call Hardporn Drunkcore. Head over to their virtual home at MySpace to get an idea of Citizen Useless!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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