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On disc: Circus Of Dead Squirrels

Operation Satan - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Operation Satan

Operation Satan
(self-released - 2010)

I can't tell you much about Circus Of Dead Squirrels, but that this band is offering an unique sound and stand their ground for their believes. The whole album lyrically deals with the mistreat of animals and so it's just logical that CODS donate 2 US$ of each copy purchased via their website to an animal rights organization.
The album kicks off with E.coli Surprise, first some electronic sounds, but then Circus Of Dead Squirrels go full force. Heavy riffs and aggressive vocals are combined with industrial sounds and more. They combine keyboard melodies with spoken words, with animal sounds and create a horrific scenario. At Operation Satan they offer 10 tracks and 6 interludes, the first interlude is Mesmerized and it leads you into Laboratory Lust, a mean industrial track. A sonic roller coaster ride with catchy passages and hateful vocal parts. If you can imagine a mix of Ministry / Nine Inch Nails and Mr. Bungle, you get a slight idea what to expect. At times they remind me of Lard... What We Deserve has an almost poppy hookline, but is also heavy and disturbing. They use sequences of songs and speeches to support their concept and to make the songs more accessible, but they always stick to their own sound mix and add heavy riffs, industrial elements and angry vocals. Saturday Morning sticks out somehow, it's another insane tune. Puppy Maul Madness begins with a sample from an old tune, then a radio host comments on an event at a shopping mall where the puppies from a pet shop escaped and attack the shoppers, taking revenge. The song takes you one more time on a mad musical journey. CODS melt metal riffs, industrial elements and spoken words with catchy vocal lines into one sonic madness. Bible Thumpers is the heaviest track and it's not a religious tune, it's about the two faces of farmers who are frequent church-goers, but also mistreat their animals and kill them at the end to make money. The song has a passage which seems to be inspired by Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal... While at Hellbound you'll find a familiar sounding guitar part. Hellbound is a mid-paced melodic tune - but they pick up speed and heaviness. It's the calm before the storm, before the Inferno begins. Loosely based on Dante's poem they convert it to the hell which awaits people who torture and kill animals. At Dante's Inferno it's the nine circles of suffering, and CODS stick to the main concept. An epic tune which is probably the best one to get into the world of CODS... The closer is Operation Satan, a song about animal testing for all and everything. From medicine to cure diseases to beauty products - and the hell animals been put through for us.
CODS is offering a wide range of sounds based on metallic riffing, they present these tunes with passion and it's obvious that this isn't just a marketing strategy, they fight for what they believe in and if they make people think, they succeeded. They won't change the world, but at least they try to change things. Kudos!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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