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On disc: Circle Of Bards

Tales - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Electrum Production - 2011)

Polish guitarist, singer and composer Mariusz Migalka (singer of Mr. Hyde) founded Circle Of Bards as a side-project in 2008 to release an all acoustic album and released a demo is 2008. The interest was there, so he did record a proper album where he is joined by some guest musicians. Tales is taking you into a fantasy world. Tales was released 2010 in his home country and now gets released outside Poland via Electrum Production.
After Welcome he offers My Magic Song, a track which combines singer / songwriter style with folk elements. Acoustic guitar and vocals are dominating the song, it's Migalka's voice which enchants you while Anna Bielecka's flute just joins in from time to time. He picks up speed for Scarlet Moon, a folk rock tune. For the brisk Our Own Land he did a video and this song should give you an idea about Circle Of Bards.

It's followed by Czarne smoki which means something like black dragon - if the translator I used is correct. Anyway, the Polish tune is somehow more expressive, perhaps as it's his mother tongue... And for non-Polish speakers it's a bit mystical due to the 'strange' words. After Bridges We Shall Pass he offers another Polish one - Tęczowy most. Anna's flute leads you into this one, a bit melancholy it is - at least most of the time. The chorus seems to spread a little hope... I have no idea where this rainbow bridge is leading us lyrically.... Circle Of Bards is the last song and is also a good choice to get an idea about Tales - even if in my opinion the Polish songs are the strongest. Welcome is musical introduction, so the closer Farewell is just that - a farewell.
While many other folk rock or singer songwriter albums offer only few tempi changes and extensively use flute and other typical instruments Mariusz Migalka is focusing on acoustic guitar and vocals. He avoids using the flute too often, so it can put emphasis to the songs. Fans of Rainbow's Night, folk rock and folk-ish singer / songwriter stuff should check out Circle Of Bards.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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