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On disc: Church Of Void

Dead Rising - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Dead Rising

Dead Rising
(Svart Records - 2013)

Another good band from Finland has released their second album, Church Of Void brings us their new blood Dead Rising. The title may refer to zombie activity or dark death metal, but the Finnish band focus on doom metal combined with old school punk rock. Even their web page is black in black where Magus Corvus and the guys tells their stories about the band. Different styles of music is represented on Dead Rising, first impression we get on Tristess, which is old school punk with a great rhythm that still fits good into the doom metal pattern they like to play. Son Of A Witch is going in a slower direction with classical rock that gets a turn on the raw side when Church Of Void works their ideas on it. Winter Is Coming is taken from the shelf of metal rock with lots of pressure on the base of the song, the winter climate gets warmer with this kind of metal. The last song of the album is a special one, Little Child Lost. This song is very slow, still great metal, and with a style of nerve and compassion for unusual metal.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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