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On disc: Chronic Xorn

Death.Destruction.Sermon - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Six Inch Nails Records - 2010)

Chronic Xorn is a young band from India who already gained some attention in their home country. Now they have their first release out and fans of bands like As I Lay Dying, Lamb Of God and Heaven Shall Burn should give it a try.
Very atmospheric they kick off with the intro Psychic Catastrophe - and you might be misled... The Kolkata-based band is far from offering atmospheric sounds on the rest of the EP!
For Afraid Of The Unseen they speed up, Tamaghna Banerjee's fast double-bass drumming and melodic riffs are building the framework. Singer Saptadip 'Sunny' Chakraborty is adding aggressive shouts, but he has much more to offer! Due to the melodic guitar play of Suvam Moitra and Anindya Paul the songs get more memorable. The Funeral Song is based on a heavy groove, melodic guitar leads and deep shouts. After a break guitar riffs based in traditional metal lead into the final part incl. pig squeals and growls. The title track has some interesting drum pattern at the opening part, then the band storms off into a sonic roller coaster ride with chaotic parts, short slow, melodic passages and even a clean vocal part. Actually they should use the combination of grunts and clean vocals more often - in my opinion. Quite melodic they kick off Necropolis, they add some heaviness and again the extreme vocals build up a sharp counterpart to the melodic guitars. Partly they embed some death metal elements - incl. the vocal parts. A good example for their sonic insanity. The closer is called My Little Obsession. Another aggressive track which offers twists and turns.
If the vocals would be less extreme they would reach more metal fans. But metalcore fans should check out Chronic Xorn! The band can keep up with international bands, especially as this is a young band and it's their debut!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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