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On disc: Christ Agony

Nocturn - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Mystic Production - 2011)

As Nocturn is the band's 8th album, they don't need a long introduction. The album kicks off with atmospheric, dark sound which would fit Twin Peaks... But only the first 50 sec. of Opus Sacrum / Reign Of Christ would be matching that TV series. Then they trio heads into a heavy, doomy , riff-based track called Frozen Path Unholy Fire and after a long instrumental passage harsh vocals set in. Cezar and his mates are more into slow / mid-paced black metal and don't offer many blast attacks. Later spoken words which remind me a bit of Type O' Negative... For The Stigma Of Hell they tip down the accelerator a little. The song sounds somehow heavier due to the riffing and the vocals. The songs lead into each other, so it ain't always easy to tell when a new song starts, coz it could be a change of atmosphere, tempo... Anyway, Demonicon Illuminati offers a memorable riff which has an Oriental edge while Black Star Falling is a atmospheric black-ish song based on a riff which you usually find in traditional heavy metal and a very melodic solo - and so the Polish keep it interesting. Purists won't be happy with Nocturn, I guess, but everybody who liked blask-ish metal in different forms, should check out the new Christ Agony album.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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