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On disc: Chowder

Passion Rift - Lars Bjørn - 3 stars

Passion Rift

Passion Rift
(I Voidhanger Records - 2012)

Josh Hart is well-known from his time in Asylum and Unorthodox, but since he decided to go out with an album from the band Chowder, it seems to have become worse and worse. Chowder, a trio from Baltimore USA, makes a very strange record where it mostly comes to record some training sessions from the studio, and that is to say it mildly. Mysteriod opens the CD to the sounds of computer game Asteroid, sounds that can hardly be described as music. The next song is Innsmouth Look where the computer game sounds are combined with guitar and drumming jam sessions. Salt Creep is a recording of a guitar practice of various rhythms, not directly a song. The title song Passion Rift start with soft guitar glimpses that are soon to progress and develop more heavy, only song that can survive without being ashamed of itself. Mazuku is a study of soft guitars played with some background scary atmosphere bringing elements. The end of the record is also the most depressing moment of the whole album, Custody are noisy and boring music that could easily be in the category of splatter movie soundtracks. Now you have an idea of what direction Chowder is going with this instrumental record that they have just released.

3 stars

Lars Bjørn


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