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- The Last Millennium - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

The Last Millennium

The Last Millennium
(Metal Blade - 2002)

The German progressive power metal band presents themselves on The Last Millennium very well. Opening the album title which is a instrumental intro before they start with War Machine. With Demon We Call they have a catchy up-tempo tune. The track Father Forgive Me starts with a keyboard sounding like a spinet, then the band joins in the vocals a little rougher. Again they have a catchy chorus, beside that a guitar solo makes this song different, even if it reminds me partly a bit of Gamma Ray... Due to breaks and guitar solos which are well worked into the songs they tracks don't get boring, even if they are usually about 5 minutes long. With The Boys Are Back In Town they have a well-known classic on their album. This cover version is interesting, but I have heard better ones. They Are Liars is an anthem kinda song which is more the kind of metal we all know from the 80's. On Victims Of The Night the drums starts the song, a tune which is more mid-tempo, but speed up a little. Actually this song reminds me of another track...
Anyway, they are no copycats, but there are parts which sound like this or that. They haven't already found their own identity, even if they are on their way.
Most of the tracks are fast melodic metal, but a larger variety would fit them well. The production is powerful, but these days that's something which should be standard, right?

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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