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On disc: Children Of Technology

Its Time To Face The Doomsday - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

Its Time To Face The Doomsday

Its Time To Face The Doomsday
(Hell's Headbangers - 2010)

Children Of Technology is a hardcore punk / metal band from Italy presenting its first full-length album, on the back of numerous EPs and splits which have been well-received.
The quintet lay bare their influences on this album, which is about 75% Motörhead and 25% Venom and is also quite similar to latter-day Darkthrone. The whole album is choc-full of simple, catchy guitar riffs, bass lines and drum beats. The guitar has an enormously dirty, crunchy tone with a pure rock'n'roll bite gives way to some nicely played twiddling solos when needed. This foundation is over laden with the snarled vocals of Deathlord Astolfi and sneering backing vocals that really infuse the album with a hardcore punk vibe. Lemmy would be proud!
The only real letdown for this album is the drumming which, although competent, is a little too simplistic on the whole. However, this isn't an album where technical playing is going to be the reason you listen to it. This is an album you put on when you want some good ol'-fashioned, balls-out rocking with attitude!
I loved this from start to finish. The length, although generally a little too short for what I consider a full-length, is about right for this band. 25 minutes of solid, head-banging, whiskey-drinking, nuclear-powered punk metal! Do yourself a favor and check out Children Of Technology!

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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