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On disc: Charming Grace

Charming Grace - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Charming Grace

Charming Grace
(Avenue Of Allies - 2013)

Charming Grace is a project by singer and keyboarder Davide Barbieri, bassist Amos Monti and drummer Pierpaolo Monti. They teamed up to write classic 80's hard rock / AOR songs, but what makes this album differ is that all 14 tracks are duets!

The opener is Everytime You Touch My Heart where they invited Vega singer Nick Workman to join them. A catchy tune which will hook you up immediately. The piano-based Shining Light is a duet with Boulevard singer David Forbes and once more the song gets the special something due to the duet. The duet Still Dreamin' is a duet with Crystal Blue's Thomas Lassar and the song reminds me a bit of Bon Jovi... at least some parts. For the Bon Jovi cover Everybody's Broken they hooked up with HungryHeart singer Josh Zighetti, and even if the original has this magic the cover version sound great and is a lot of fun. One of the highlights is The Answer Was You, a duet with Perfect Crime singer Bente Smaavik. Like all song it's 80's style, but the keyboard-based balladesque rocker sticks out due to Bente's vocals. I think in the 80's this would have get a lot airplay.

In many cases projects with several singers can't convince me as the songs aren't sounding homogenous, but Charming Gracee is different. If you enjoy the 80's sound, then check out Charming Grace!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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