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On disc: Charisma

- Turhuuden Hullu - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Turhuuden Hullu

Turhuuden Hullu
(self-released - 2006)

Charisma was founded in 2002 in Tampere, Finland. The following year the five-some released a demo called Beat Your Attitude followed by 2 EPs - Hunting You (2004) and Roots Rock Deep (2005). Then they decided to continue with Finnish lyrics and Turhuuden Hullu is their first sign of life since they changed to their mother tongue.
The 2-track single kicks off with Turhuuden Hullu which is a heavy rocker with groove and a catchy hookline. Heavy riffs dominate the tune and Teemu Ahtonen adds some powerful, raspy vocals to it. Raw rock with melody. Especially the guitar work of Heikki and Mikko Kähkönen sticks out - and the backing vocals which keep up with the wall of guitars.
With a modern rock touch comes Nukketalo over you. The song invites you to sing along... Another catchy rocker with staccato riffing. Then they surprise you with a break and a slow passage, but just a little later they return to rock the house.
It's fun to listen to the Finnish rockers! Check them out!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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