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On disc: Chapel

Satan's Rock N Roll - Lars Bj°rn - 8 stars

Satans Rock N Roll

Satan's Rock N Roll
(Invictus Productions - 2014)

Actually this album was prepared in 2012, ready for release, but we had to wait for 2014 to come before Chapel could spread their joy with this debut album Satan's Rock N Roll. A solid mix of old-school heavy metal and thrash metal Chapel digs a huge hole in the ground to find old classic sounds and bring new vitality to them. Band members Desolator, guitars, Devastator, bass, Incinerator, drums, goes out of their skins with 10 songs both charming and speedy dirty metal as Mot÷rhead would have been proud of. And it could seem so, that Mot÷rhead has been a source of inspiration for Chapel because Lemmy's nerve and touch is almost visible on some of the songs.
Newcomers as they are from 2009 Chapel sparks the ignition with Rock N Roll From Hell, a song with speedy power drums and a classical metal rock attitude. Nocturnal Blasphemy has a lot of Mot÷rhead water sprayed onto the metal build, just added some of Chapels own ideas. Satan's Rock N Roll is a solid performance of classic metal rock, it does not get much more original than this. Blood Will Be Spilled has a great dark rhyhtmic aspect and the metal rock style fits perfectly with the other songs on the album. As a way to mention the inspiration from Mot÷rhead, Chapel include the song Motorcult, a charming witty mid-tempo great metal song. It ends with a song called Hellrazors, where you get super tight heavy metal that just put the finger to the spot of how this album was created with great classical metal songs. Good to get an album with happy metal music of high quality.

8 stars

Lars Bj°rn


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