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On disc: Chained

Chained - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Liljegren Records - 2010)

Quite frequently a new band from Sweden is hailing, this time it's Chained. The opening track My Saviour, My Lord is a slow, heavy rocker which Lemmy-like vocals. But David Sandström doesn't try to copy Mr. Kilmister! Chained is a Christian band, so you know what to expect. Some describe them as groove metal, but in my opinion it's more stoner metal, even if you will find pieces of thrash metal and power metal in their songs. And everything is based on a heavy groove - spiced up with old school metal leads. At Grateful Sinner the riffing is thrashy, but they stick to their roots. With acoustic guitar and vocals they kick off Tearing Down My Walls, but then the slow, heavy groove is steam rolling everything - but it's still balladesque and somehow reminds me of Sinner. Guess, it's Sandström's raspy voice which at this balladesque tune make me think of Mat Sinner. For Drained they storm off into a thrashy rocker - Motörhead meets old Metallica. Towards the end of the album the songs get a bit too much alike, even if The Weakest Are The Strongest sticks out a bit with spoken words. For me one of the highlights of Chained. For War Is Hate they storm off again, another track where the thrash elements are most obvious. For thrash fans it won't be enough, but if you aren't just listen to thrash, then you'll like it.
If you like bands like Black Label Society, Pantera (a slowed down version), Motörhead and even some old school thrash metal, then check out Chained. If you just like some of the bands, then you should give them a chance to convince you.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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