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On disc: Century

- Black Ocean - Claudia Ehrhardt - 5 stars

Black Ocean

Black Ocean
(Prosthetic Rec. - 2008)

Century - a band name you come across once in awhile. I know that in the late 70's to mid-80's there was a French rock band called Century. Then there was a German gothic metal band and as far as I know there is a heavy metal outfit in Australia using this name, too. And there is the US band Century which is Carson Slovak's musical home. But Century's mainman also was responsible for the concept and artwork. Fans can find a ciphered message at the cover and so enter special areas at the website. Nice idea!
With brutal force they come over you! Pantheon is the first tune and soon you get the scheme of their song writing... Fast parts, slowing down and speeding up again - and all this in a quite repetitive way. Pantheon is based on a metalcore riffs and sticks to it. Carson Slovak's vocals are brutal, aggressive and also a bit one-dimensional. I think you can call their music MathCore - and I'm not really a fan of this genre. The tracks are very similar and so after a few tracks it becomes boring... And the longer you listen, it becomes annoying. Only Monolith sticks out - and here they got a helping hand during song writing. The track is very heavy, but better structured and somehow even catchy! More songs like Monolith and Terror Starts At Home would be nice. And with Daylight Algorithm they are on the right track, but then get lost again in monotony and repetitiveness. In my opinion part of the problem is the vocals, they are to monotonous.
Well, the guys know how to play, but have to improve the song writing and some aspects of the production. Partly it's nothing more then a cacophony of sounds!

5 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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