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On disc: Cemetary 1213

- The Beast Divine - Claudia Ehrhardt - 3 stars

The Beast Divine

The Beast Divine
(Century Media - 2000)

Matthias Lodmalm was the mastermind behind Cemetary, then changed the name into Sundown and is now back with Cementary 1213...
With Cemetary Lodmalm presented old-school death metal, gothic rock and new wave!
After the renaming of the band he follows a more electronical kind of music and now as Cemetary 1213 it's a mixture of gothic metal with electronical elements. The Beast Divine is unusual stuff. Something you have to give a try and maybe you'll like / love it or you'll hate it! If you liked Lodmalms music through all the changes, this is maybe a masterpiece for you...
But I think many metal fans won't like the album... It is a sometimes strange mixture of genres. Just something for the very open-minded.
The different tracks are like different sides of something. Some songs you may love, others you won't like... 10 tracks which have just one similarity... Matthias Lodmalm! But perhaps it would have take a few more spins......

3 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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