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On disc: Celtic Frost

- Morbid Tales; To Mega Therion;
Into Pandemonium; Vanity / Nemesis;
Parched With Thirst Am I Dying
- Claudia Ehrhardt -

Morbid Tales    To Mega Therion
Into The Pandemonium    Vanity Nemesis

Morbid Tales (1984); To Mega Therion (1985);
Into Pandemonium (1987); Vanity / Nemesis (1990);
Parched With Thirst Am I Dying (1992)
(Noise Records)

Not much to say about albums like Morbid Tales, To Megatherion, Into Pandemonium and Vanity/Nemesis, but now they are release on CD the way they should have been in the stores for years. More background informations in an interview with Tom Warrior). What's different? The artwork are the way Celtic Frost wanted it from the beginning! The time Celtic Frost released the albums the band wanted to release them on CD with this artwork. Now many years later you see what Tom Warrior and his mates had in mind.... Additionally the put on the CDs a few more songs...
On Morbid Tales are 3 songs (Circle Of Tyrants, Visual Aggression and Suicidal Winds) in their original, but previously unreleased versions! To Megatherion is Jewel Thorne in a different remix and The Usurper and Return To The Eye are partially re-recorded on 1986! Into Pandemonium offers with The Inevitable Factor a previously unreleased version of this song and with In The Chapel, In The Moonlight a song which originally wasn't releases on this album! A Descent To Babylon is the bonus at Vanity/Nemesis. Celtic Frost always been special and this is a special edition, not just for collectors.
The releases show perfect the variety and innovation of the Swiss. For the younger fans the album Parched With Thirst Am I Dying is a perfect way to discover this legendary band. It's a kind of best of which covers the time from 1984 until 1992.
But even for their fans it's interesting, coz many songs are released in different versions like Cherry Orchards which is a radio edit on this album! or songs which originally just been released on EPs! This album offers rare stuff and a good round-up of the bands history.... And opening track Idols Of Chargin and last song Under Apollyon's Sun were recorded in 1991 as demos for the forthcoming album, but this is the first time they are available! Liner notes give a few more informations about the tracks!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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