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On disc: Caveman Cult

Supremacia Primordial EP - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Supremacia Primordial EP

Supremacia Primordial EP
(Larval Productions - 2018)

Miami-based Caveman Cult is back with an EP and again it's uncompromisingly blackend death metal. The trio seems to be on a warpath against melody and virtuosity. This is just brutal! The opener is called Impaled Humanity Ablaze and to get an idea, check this out:

A. Antillon is adding growls and screams, but don't expect to understand anything. It's merely another noise added to the partly chaotic sound. At Dogs Of War (Exterminate The Filth) they slow down for a moment and the song has a structure - at least for a moment. But most of the time it all seems to melt into one mean, destructive war sound. More based in death metal than black metal.

The last track Legions Of The Black Vomit is a bit slower, and riff-based and soon they storm off full of anger.

For fans of raw death metal! If you like it more melodic, then skip this release!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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