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On disc: Catena

- Freak Out! - Sandra Bucher - 8 stars

Freak Out!

Freak Out!
(I.U.M.A. - 2003)

Actually I haven't heard of Chris Catena before. The guitarist is from Strasbourg and just recognized him through a tip on a mailing list. Musically his roots are the 70's rock la Deep Purple. Here and there the hard rock got combined with funk elements. At all this is groovy rock. What makes this album interesting is the prominent line-up... I should say guest musicians. The list of illustrious guest is huge! There are the former Whitesnake guitarists Bernie Marsden and Mickey Moody, Tony Franklin and Tommy Aldridge, former Duran Duran members Stepahn Ferrone and John Taylor, drum­mer Eric Singer, Doug Wimbish (Living Colour), ex-Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick, Jeff Scott Soto, Y&T's Dave Meniketti, keyboarder Vitalij Kuprij (Artension, Ring Of Fire), drummer Virgil Donati and guitarist Stevie Salas. And more! Technically brilliant, great songs, even if there is just one real highlight... The only thing this one lacks - beside some more outstanding songs - is a band feeling. But this one is better than many other album. Definitely something for fans of 70's based hard rock.
The song Hey Man is a groovy rocker with some funky elements and a catchy chorus. The absolute highlight of this album is Freak Out Tonight which is sung by Glenn Hughes.

8 stars

Sandra Bucher
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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