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On disc: Cappanera

Cuore Blues Rock'n'roll - Umberto Mino - 8 stars

Cuore Blues Rock'n'roll

Cuore Blues Rock'n'roll
(Jolly Roger Records - 2011)

I need to say one thing before I start this review: I put now a part of the linear press info because this is a CD that came out many years after the recording sessions and after the death of the founding members,the Cappanera brothers Fabio and Roberto who died in car crash:

Cappanera's Fabio and Roberto were founders (the guitarist and drummer respectively) of Strana Officina, maybe the most Italian HM band known worldwide.

Apart from the Strana Officina, they released in 1991 a solo album (Non c piu' mondo) and called this project simply Cappanera. In 1992/1993 they were releasing the second Cappanera album, focusing more into melodies and AOR sound with strong blues influences. They got a contact by Italian major Warner to produce the record. That's why they decided to call a real talented vocalist and they choose the strong voice of Morby (Sabotage, Domine, Labyrinth); on bass they recruited Andrea Castelli (Shabby Trick), also on the first Cappanera album.

They recorded all guitars and voice in 1993 plus some midi tracks (keyboards, drums, bass) to get the deal, but just before signing the Warner contract, the Cappanera bros died in a car accident. Now after about 20 years, thanks to Rolando Cappanera (son of Roberto) and Andrea Cappanera (son of Fabio) the album finally is revealed. The missing part were recorded in 2010/11 : Rolando recorded drums following the midi parts of his father, Andrea Castelli re-recorded bass parts, then a lot of guests joined in to help the project. This album is living testimony of two great musicians we have lost too early.

This is a short story about this album, an album that very different from the Strana Officina sound, very bluesy and sometimes AOR, songs played with passion and pride, songs that are the legacy of these brothers and we must thank Jolly Rogers Records and Masterpiece for put this in the records stores!!!

Many guests on this album like Morby (Domine, Sabotage) and Ruggero Zanolini (ex-Vanadium) and many more, but this time it's important who plays or how many songs there are on the CD, this time you must be listen this album only with your hearts. Songs like Rinascerei or Solo mai will touch your heart deeply, so let yourselves dive into an ocean of pure feelings and listen carefully to Cappanera even if your mother tongue isn't Italian....

8 stars

Umberto Mino


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