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On disc: Cans

- Beyond The Gates - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Beyond The Gates

Beyond The Gates
(Sanctuary - 2004)

This is the first solo album of HammerFall singer Joacim Cans. His partners in crime Stefan Elmgen and Magnus Rosen have already released solo albums. For some it'll be a surprise that Beyond The Gates doesn't sound like HammerFall. On the album Joacim Cans gathered some well-known musicians and they achieved that it sounds like a band. On the album HammerFall guitarist Stefan Elmgen joined Cans as well as Mat Sinner (Primal Fear / Sinner), Mark Zonder (Fates Warning) and Metal Mike Chlasciak (Halford). The songs are written by Joacim and musicians he admires - more about that in the interview.
Opening the album with Fields Of Yesterday - a heavy and powerful tune. The keyboard adds some epic touch. The guitar riffing is influenced by classical metal and offer a certain aggression to the tune. A song which sound definitely not like HammerFall! Later there is a slow part where Joacim is just supported by keyboard. A good example for the sound of Cans is Soul Collector. A heavy, dark track. A song which sneaks into your ear and keeps spinning in your mind for days. Really catchy. But shows just one side of their sound. The most commercial track is probably Red Light. A mid-tempo metal anthem which will also be the first video clip. The title track Beyond The Gates is starting slowly with acoustic guitar and Joacims voice. But then it explodes! This one really rocks! Perhaps the title track represents the album best... But you should also check out Dreams to get an idea about the variety of this album. With Back To Hell they recorded a fast one with a mighty hook. A screaming guitar solo included. The guitar riffing is quite heavy and has a certain aggression, actually the solo lacks the aggression a little... The album has everything from fast tunes, mid-tempo rockers, heavy ones and also a ballad written by Annihilator mastermind Jeff Waters and his guitar partner Curran Murphy. It's called Forever Ends and is the last track on Beyond The Gates.
Check out: Beyond The Gates, Garden Of Evil, Dreams, Forever Ends

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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