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On disc: Cannibal Corpse

- Vile - Volker Raabe - 2 stars


(Metal Blade - 1996)

Musical cannibals, that's what you are! I don't know who gave you the status of a cult band, but you don't deserve it! Starting with Devoured By Vermin and the following skull crusher Mummified In Barbed Wire manifesting this thought. This kind of releases show exactly why heavy metal will never be presentable in society. Okay, this band is around for quite awhile, but even in the past Cannibal Corpse shine more with their brutal, extreme and abnormal cover artworks then with musical precision.
Perhaps you should know that this album was recorded at the Morrissound with Scott Burns on the board and was mastered by Mike Fuller at Miami's Fullersound Studio, but that doesn't made this output better. And that Chris Barnes left the band didn't helped the cannibals musically....

2 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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