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On disc: Candlemass

- Candlemass - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(Nuclear Blast - 2005)

Nobody expected an album like this when Candlemass announced their reunion with legendary singer Messiah Marcolin. Most reunion albums are anticipated, but usually the expection is very low... You expect the album to suck. It's even tougher when you released classic albums early in your career.... Like Candlemass did. Often they revive the band only to make some cash. It's a tough task to review this album, coz the early releases are classics and this will be a classic in a few years - I think. Coz when you look back things seem to be brighter... In a few years reviewed the rating would probably be higher...
The Swedish doom gods are opening up with an up-tempo track called Black Dwarf. A bit simpler it seems then they usually are, but this makes it catchy headbanger. But with Seven Silver Keys Candlemass get doomy, dark and atmospheric. The doomy guitar riffing is dominating the song while the solo is more traditional screaming guitars. I think this is what every Candlemass fan was dreaming off, but didn't dare to expect. With Copernicus they recorded another classic doom track. Double-bass drum topped with ultra-heavy guitar riffs. In the beginning a heavy doom rocker the song gets more complex. Leif Edling's lyrics are over the top here. High class doom! Next in line an instrumental track called The Man Who Fell From The Sky and in my opinion the weakest track of Candlemass. Okay, I'm not a big fan of instrumental music, but this one I can just call boring. Shoot me for this, but that's my opinion. Skip to the next one.... Luckily with Witches the messiah is back. A bit mystical with its oriental sound elements. The middle part a bit faster. Messiah's vocals put you under a spell, so that you almost overlook the reminscences to the 80's Black Sabbath. A lyrically low they have on Born In A Tank, the song isn't bad, but don't pay attention to the lyrics! Beside that a decent song with a hymn-like refrain. Last, but not least you get a dark, gloomy, epic Candlemass tune with The Day And The Night. A heavy guitar riffing and the voice of Messiah Marcolin bring this song to life.
The digi-pack version comes with the bonus track Mars And Volcanos. A more traditional heavy metal song in the tradition of the 80's heavy metal acts. Something you might not expect from the Swedish doomsters.
A must-buy for Candlemass fans and highly recommended to doomsters. Everbody else who will check them out, should listen to Copernicus, The Day And The Night, Spellbreaker and Witches.
The production is fat... Powerful. Well, done Mr. Edling. Also they achieved to combine the old sound / vibe with a modern touch. Messiah is better then ever - sometimes emotional, sometimes theatralic... This won't disappoint any Candlemass fan. Okay, perhaps some who are still living in the days of Epicus Doomicus Metallicus... Thumbs up for this one!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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