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On disc: Cadaveria

Horror Metal - Lars Bjørn - 8? stars

Horror Metal

Horror Metal
(Bakerteam Records - 2012)

When you see the pictures of the band Cadaveria you're not having any doubts that the album title is correct, horror metal is exactly the variation of heavy metal the Italians are playing. They do it with style, and this 5th album from their hands are filled with a large bucket music which is not for children or people with weak nerves.

Cadaveria's image is with four male monsters and one beauty to make a slight balance in the music, in fact it's the female singer who bears the name Cadaveria. It shows that they have a good deal of experience, their music is mature and often with strong finesse, only a few songs tends to be boring. It starts in fashion with Flowers In Fire where the horror metal kicks firmly with both hard growls and also melodic guitar work. The Night's Theatre has a lot of bombastic attacks rounded off nicely with a great balance between male and female vocals in the song. Death Vision gives us a plate of thoughtful metal both dark and deep, where everything is tied together with very fine guitars as they go along. The Oracle Of The Fog is back in creative songwriting where the excellent guitars is tuned up for some very strong metal. Requiem is another of their super melodic songs where the rhythm goes down the spine with real drive in the building of the song. So a CD filled with horror metal like it was the most natural of music to make.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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