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On disc: Cadaveres

- Soul Of A New Breed - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Soul Of A New Breed

Soul Of A New Breed
(Burnside Rec. - 2007)

Hungary isn't quite known for metal bands and most will only know Ektomorf, even if there are some more. Now Cadaveres is on their way to change this! Guitarist Lázló Kovács recorded with Ektomorf their I Scream Up To The Sky. And it seems they are still in touch, coz Ektomorf singer Zoltán Farkas is adding some vocals to a song on this album, you can hear him on Elixir.
The intro kicks off with atmospheric sounds and lead into the title track Soul Of A New Breed. Fat riffs, a heavy groove and unusual rhythm patters make it easy to get into this tune. Adám Gabó's vocals are powerful. A groove monster with raw vocals, but somehow catchy. Neo thrash combined with some growls here and there. Or they add some metalcore elements... If you can imagine a combination of Machine Head and Sepultura, then you get an idea of Cadaveres. At the beginning of Seventh Heaven they use some distorted vocals which gives the tune a slight Tool touch for a moment. Staccato riffs and a murderous groove with a melodic and catchy refrain. And the tune ends with some piano... Seventh Heaven is an ear catcher! Atrophy Of The Wind reminds me a bit of old Clawfinger... It's mainly the vocals. At Drop Of Humaneness they sound like a very metallic version of some alternative rock band... like a heavy version of Godsmack... But due to the percussion elements the song gets it very own dynamic. Cool idea! With the instrumental Claw they slow down, coz it's mainly percussion and acoustic guitars. But I'm not a big fan of instrumentals, but it's well done. I wouldn't have missed the Urban Dance Mix of Seventh Heaven, not my cup of tea...
Cadaveres will show the world that Hungary isn't a blank spot on the metal world map. With their fat groove and thrashy riffs they should be able to make friends. Their sound is very dynamic due to the use of a percussionist in addition to the drums. Check out: Soul Of A New Breed, Noah's Heritage, Drop Of Humaneness and Blood Stained.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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