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In the studio: Börn Again

- Börn Again - Nov. 2009 - Czestochowa (PL) -

- Börn Again - November 30th 2009 - MP Studios, Czestochowa (Poland) -

Sometimes you have to travel to meet friends you haven't seen in a long time... So I traveled late November to my former homeland Poland and I was pleased to meet Martin Albrecht (Stormwitch, Mystic Prophecy) there as well.
I was invited to MP Studio in Czestochowa, I was curious to meet the newly founded German-Polish metal band Börn Again. Didn't know what to expect and looking forward to meet new people I went to Czestochowa.
Börn Again by Andreas SchöweThe night before I called Marta Gabriel for details about the way to the studio and to make an appointment for the next day. In the background I heard the other guys and it was obvious they were having fun. It was my first contact with Marta and even talking on the phone was fun and gave me the first impression of a very sympathetic and lively person. We agreed on meeting at the studio in the early afternoon. After about an hour drive I arrived at the studio where Mariusz Pietka, the studio owner, welcomed me and led me into the studio where I met the whole band. Börn Again are: Marta Gabriel (Crystal Viper), the petite and strong-voiced singer. Her husband Bart Gabriel who manages and produces the album. Tom 'Golem' Danczak (Crystal Viper, Dragon, Darzamat) on drums and guitarist Björn Daigger (Majesty). The line-up is completed by bassist Martin Albrecht, the joy of seeing each other again caused a short break of the recordings. :-)
We talked a lot - in 3 different tongues -, and laughed even more. Luckily I speak all of them, so I didn't miss a single joke! :-)
Börn Again by Andreas SchöweTime to get back to work. Björn just recorded his fast guitar part off One Question. This hooked me up immediately, even if the speed and aggression of this song surprised me, the melody got me right away. Björn's guitar play at this one is really impressing! And no easy task at such a speed! After he finished his part the always good-humored bassist Martin took over. His part was challenging his bass, but he worked on his part til it was perfect. While one of the band was recording the whole band was in the studio, so it really was a team effort. Nowadays this isn't the usual way to work, but it showed them as a union and you can feel that the chemistry between them is just right.
Börn Again by Andreas SchöweBetween the recordings they showed me the modern studio complex and at an astray study I saw another familiar face - Andreas Schöwe. After a long and pleasant conversation I said bye and joined the recordings again. Time was flying, it got late and time to leave some getting closer... Heartily we said goodbye, knowing that we will meet again in 2010 - wherever that will be -, but preferably at a concert of Börn Again.
A few days later, back home I had the pleasure to listen to One Question as the song was posted in full-length at the bands MySpace. A great tune and meanwhile they did a video clip for this one which can be watched at - check it out!
Again I would like to thank Börn Again for the great day in the studio and warm welcome they gave me. And many thanks to Andreas Schöwe for the great photos accompanying this studio report! Next time I will be up North visiting Pretty Maids, back soon!

Pics: Andres Schöwe

Story: Katharina Syczewski
(guest writer)
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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