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In Words: Burden

- Saint D - October 2010 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

© Burden

Saint D - October 11th 2010 (by email)

Burden is a new band and to first release a 7" isn't common these days. The 7" was well received and now the album gets in stores. Time to find out a bit about Burden, thanks to guitarist Saint D for answering my questions.

You named the band Burden, why? What burden do you carry?

We've decided to call our band Burden as we have the feeling that this name is the proper verbalization of our music and the vibe that is sensible in our songs and this vibe definitely includes a touch of self-destruction and melancholy. Maybe this contributed to the fact that we all thought the name was a perfect match for this band.

How difficult was it to find people who share the same vision and have the needed skills?

Finding suitable musicians took the first three years of the band's history and was indeed quite complicated. However, maybe this also bonds us to Burden in a this special way? You're right, being in a band is not just about playing an instrument, not in Burden at least! It is also about the realization and embodiment of a common vision, a common concept. It is in indeed a burden to find individuals who combine these two aspects and match the rest of the band furthermore. Well, maybe this is another reason for our name.

"The return of authentic music!"... What does it mean to you? Is it something you miss these days?

Definitely. Sure, there are bands who follow their own path without paying attention to any trends and manage to create remarkable music. Yet, there aren't enough of these bands. We as a band share the feeling that the last years of ridiculous trends and concepts have damaged the core of our passion for this music and that it is time to return to its roots. The misconducts of the Industrial-New Wave-Gothic-Emo-Screamo era are unbearable and unacceptable for the main part. There is a lack of bands who are fine with whom they are and manage to create passionate rock music simply out of this attitude. It is actually nothing new, but something essential. Maybe that's why it's the return but not the birth.

Whenever there is a new band, it needs to get labeled / categorized to give people an idea. How would you describe your sound? Which genre do you think fit best to Burden's sound?

Burden's core is rock music, as simple as that. However, our rock contains elements of stoner, doom, grunge and heavy metal. Some say we're a sludge band, though personally I think we're too melodic for this label. Honestly speaking, I don't give a fuck about all this and I'm glad that I don't have to label and describe music for a living. Labeling music is always hard, I think, as there are too many bands I like who do not represent just one single style. However, if I HAD to categorize Burden, I'd say you'll find A Hole In The Shell in the rock / metal shelf of your record store.

You have a deal with Ván Records, a small label which seems to go for quality instead of quantity. How important was it for you?

Actually, the deal with Ván turned out into something really special! I think I am not exaggerating by claiming that there is hardly another label that supports its bands with so much passion and commitment. Also in terms of fairness Van were our jackpot, no doubt about it. I don't know any label, even major labels, that is so supportive in promoting their bands. Usually, being a debut band, we would be a band of low priority at most of the labels, which we would not have enjoyed at all. We want to evolve and we think that Ván is the perfect partner for doing so.

With Man Of No Account you made the first step into the spotlight. Are you happy with the feedback you got for this 7"?

Absolutely, the feedback has been overwhelming. I've actually read only few negative comments, however, they'll always appear. Still, the positive feedback has strengthened our position and I'm sure that we can tie in with A Hole In The Shell up to this. I'm really looking forward to hearing the response to our debut.

Now A Hole In The Shell is on the way into the stores. Are you excited to get feedback for your full-length debut?

Sure, as I've mentioned before, it's great to read the reviews of your own work. What is even more important, yet, is the response of our fans and friends. An album that is praised by the media, but ignored by the people is worthless. Anyway, we'll find out what the people think about it from 15 October on.

You didn't pick a song title. Why A Hole In The Shell? What does it mean to you? And how does the artwork fit in?

A Hole In The Shell is the quintessence of About The Veil And The Wound and thereby the chorus of probably one of the most unusual songs Burden has ever written. It is the perfect amalgam of everything we're trying to say on this album. It is about the imperfect, failure and the resulting situations for a human being. The bird biting its own wing demonstrates that the error, the hole, mustn't necessarily be the result of external circumstances. The self-inflicted hole - that prevents the bird from flying, making the shell worthless and the individual useless – that's the main topic of A Hole In The Shell.

To me it seems that the album has a kind of live feel... Do you use the same set up for recordings and live shows? Or does the setup differ?

Yes, maybe that's exactly what provides the album with this live attitude. We've nearly used the same equipment we use onstage or in our rehearsal room. Of course there are some thoughts and ideas you have to throw overboard when you're in the studio, still, all in all the sound you hear on this record is the present status quo of Burden, live and on CD. Personally, next to the sound it's this thought I appreciate a lot.

The songs are based on the same ingredients, but show different facets - and that makes it very interesting. Have you had more songs then the ones on the album? And if so, how did you choose the tracks? And how did you choose where to place them on the album?

All together we've recorded 14 tracks, though there are only 11 on the album. The other three would have pushed the acceptable boundaries in terms of length too far. After recording, we've decided which songs will make it on the record, getting a little help from the guys of Ván and EAT THE BEAT, since it's not easy to let go some of your songs. Still, one of our priorities is the album to be intensive and that's why we had to get rid off some songs: to make sure that the listener is captured by the album. The different songs and their position within the album's context represent the connection of the single songs and thereby form a curve that is symptomatic for a typical song of Burden.

You already play a couple of shows before the album gets in stores. How was the reaction? And how important was it for you to testing the waters live?

The reactions were magnificent. Most of the gigs with Soulfly, The Haunted or Grand Magus were simply intoxicating. The crowds were with us and I think we've gained a lot of new fans. It's been an amazing experience.

Soon there will be a special record release show with Griftegård and Vanderbuyst. Are you looking forward to rock Oberhausen? And what do you think about the package?

We're definitely looking forward to this night as this will be the first time us presenting the whole album onstage, the birth so to speak. We're very glad to have such a suitable package this night, that will demonstrate the power variety over pabulum. We really appreciate our label mates and we're sure that all the three of us will make this gig a special one.

What else is on your schedule for 2010? Do you already have plans for 2011?

We'll be supporting Saint Vitus on their tour through Germany at the end of the year and we're really looking forward to playing with them. I guess this will be the perfect ending for an eventful year. We will play our arses off and we hope that Vitus' fans will welcome us condignly.
We have no particular plans for 2011, we'll wait and see, but of course we'd be glad to enter other stages besides German ones and to conquer Europe. I guess this will be the first to do next year. Let's see who is willing to take us on the road, we're ready!

Looks like this is just the beginning and I'm curious to see Burden live on stage! If you get the chance to see them in Oberhausen at Oct. 22nd, then don't miss them. If you can't check them out at the tour with Saint Vitus!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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