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In Words: Brainstorm

- Todde Ihlenfeld - Oct. 2011 - Philip Thelen -

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Todde Ihlenfeld - October 25th 2011 (by email)

Brainstorm is around for about 2 decades, now they have a new album out and On The Spur Of The Moment is their 9th studio album. Time to talk to guitarist and founding member Todde Ihlenfeld.

When did you start gathering ideas for On The Spur Of The Moment?

Around September 2010 when we got back home from tour and festivals we started the real songwriting sessions, although we always write riffs and songs at home.

How long did the recordings take?

All over, including the pre-productions it took about 6 months, 3 months pre-producing and 3 months studio album recordings.

Where was the album recorded? Who produced it?

We recorded together with Axel Heckert at Studio 22 in Ludwigsburg.

I guess, you already got some feedback. Are you satisfied?

Of course, very satisfied. We entered the German long play charts at #59, which is the 2nd best chart entry of a Brainstorm album and we get great response for the album almost everywhere in the press. But most important, our fans love the album, which is the most important thing for us.

You released several albums so far and I think that Brainstorm has a unique style of modern power metal. Who is your main songwriter or how do you write songs in general?

Main songwriters are Milan, Andy and myself, although it only gets a Brainstorm song finally when we arranged it all together in the rehearsing room.

Who is responsible for the typical Brainstorm riffing?

Milan and me.

Did you ever thought of writing an concept album?

We just follow several topics in an album, not a single overall concept. Often there is a kind of red line through an album, but the only bigger concept was a story about India on the Soul Temptation album, which resulted in a trilogy and that definitely was the central story of that album, including the album title song and the whole cover concept.

For Below The Line you did a trailer, but you choose In These Walls for the video clip. Why?

Because In These Walls simply had to be the 'clip' song as it is an outstanding song and we all had goose bumps all over when we wrote it. It is kind of, well many say, not so typical Brainstorm song but for me it has all the trademarks a Brainstorm song has. Great melodies, great riffing, great atmosphere and follows a long tradition. Beyond My Destiny on the Ambiguity album for example had kind of the same vibe I think.

Please tell us a bit about the video shooting!

That was very intense and very interesting indeed. We shoot the video in a bar near Stuttgart and the idea was, besides sitting at a bar (that's what we do very often :-)) to watch ourselves playing, ...things are not always what they seem to be, you know. Kind of confusing a little bit, but we love it!

Are there touring plans?

Yes. We always toured with every album and will tour definitely this time as well. We are close to confirm the tour, which is scheduled for February, so stay tuned for more news.

You a studio diary and posted the videos, can we expect a vlog when you hit the road?

Yes, you can!

What about an live album?

If we get the chance to record on some locations we love, we will not let the chance pass to record something for a live album. But it has to be worth the money and in the end it has to be a worthy package for our fans, otherwise we won't do it.

Is there a band you would like to open for?

Ha, of course, ... ACDC / Iron Maiden / Ozzy Osbourne / ... choose one and we are there!

I think, years ago you were a fan, too. Tell us something about your own fans!

We are very proud to have such dedicated fans all over the world. But we never stopped being fans, because we love the music we do and we love to hear the music, so whenever there's a new album from a band I love, this is exactly the same for me. I can't wait to hear the new songs, see them on tour and all that stuff.

Which is your favorite own song and explain why it is. Which is your fav song to play live?

In These Walls is definitely one of my favorites. I explained why already on one of the questions above and as we have played this one live already, it is also my favorite here. I love the atmosphere that song can create on album as well as live.

What next on your schedule? Anything you want to add?

Next is the tour and then the festivals next year, so definitely looking forward to all the things that will happen the next months.

Looking forward to see Brainstorm on tour, live they are killer! So keep your eyes and ears open and make sure you won't miss them!

Philip Thelen


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