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In Words: Michael Bormann

- Michael Bormann - Jan. 2011 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Michael Bormann
© Michael Bormann

Michael Bormann - January 19th 2011

Singer Michael Bormann has his 4th solo album out, but he's always busy writing, recording, producing... But he found time to answer a few questions.

Different is your 4th solo album - and it's different. In a way it's more a solo album than your previous ones. When did you first consider to do such a personal album?

Hi Claudia, thanx for taking the time. ;-) Your question sounds very funny to me. This album is as much my solo album as the previous ones. I mean, listen to the very 1st one for example... It has just ballades and acoustic orientated songs and I played, wrote, produced, recorded everything by myself. Every album is personal. My lyrics tell stories outta my life, or stories that people can relate too. If you want so, 'different' is the mix of the first 3 albums. I just decided to through all boundaries over board. And here we have 'different'. It's pure me. If there is a difference, it's really only the fact, that I've used a German song. I never thought, that I was going to do so...

(Guess, my mind fooled me and I mixed up releases... As I lost all my CDs / vinyl's in a fire a few years ago, my mind tricks me sometimes... - Claudia)

This time you worked almost on your own, and the songs more personal and more intensive. Have you ever feared that you give away too much of yourself?

Hahahaha... and again wrong ;-) . I guess people don't really read the credits in the booklets... ;-)It is right, that I worked more alone than on Conspiracy, or Capture The Moment, but still I am basically alone in my studio….. It's been like this since I can think... ;-) I'm a a true musician through and through and music is my life.
Do I give away too much of myself????? Actually no! I don't think so. Even I write about me, my life. I'm not really going into details. Songs should be as authentic as possible in my opinion. Basically I am a very open minded person. Don't make my life too much of a secret... And why should I, I'm not that special. I'm as human as everybody else on this planet.

I guess, that some fans expected something different, something which is more like your previous work. How was the feedback in general?

I was very curious, as the album sounds more like a best of to me... But to be honest, people responded great. All lotta fans said 'different' sounds more mature than the other albums. That's funny, because I used a few very old songs (10 years old). But you would agree, that you never can please them all?! On every CD you have 10, ore more different opinions… But I don't care. I write for myself in the first place. I have be proud of what I've accomplished. I think there's something for everybody on the record... The girls dig the ballads and the boys dig the rock songs.. So, pick what you like. ;-) I love all the songs. I always intend to write great songs.

I stated in my review that I'm not a fan of the album closer... How was the German tune Was mir fehlt received by your fans? Can we expect more tunes with German lyrics in future?

I was astonished, how great the response was... I was even asked to record a complete German album (German lyrics). Here in Germany it would have the 'hit factor'... On iTunes it was on rank 1 for some time (no charts, just the best selling songs from different). Funny, hahaha... Didn't expect something like that... But a good song is good song.

Some songs would be perfect for an acoustic show, have you considered doing an occasional acoustic set?

Of course, but first the main goal is to get the band ready to kick some major ass for the plugged shows. Right after we're working on that subject. We'll have a little acoustic-set in the middle of our forthcoming shows though...

These days video clips get more popular again. Which song(s) would you like to do a video for?

Several. Definitely Don't You Tell Me, Think Twice, Somebody, Life Is A Miracle and also for Germany Was mir fehlt....

I know that a show in Bochum is scheduled - among others... Any news about a tour?

Right now shows are booked for SA-09.04.2011 ES-Madrid – Ritmo y compas, SA-23.04.2011 NL-Cultuurpodium Boerderij, FR-06.05.2011 D-München - Garage Deluxe, SA-07.05.2011 CH/Uster – Rockcity, SO-08.05.2011 D-Ludwigsburg - Rofa 2, FR-13.05.2011 D-Lübeck – Riders Café, SA-14.05.2011 D-Bochum – Zeche. We're still working on more tour dates. It is also planned to record the show in Bochum. So you can expect a life-DVD this year... ;-) The very 1st one!

Talking about live... You were announced to be part of the Ronnie James Dio tribute show, but you didn't make it. What happened?

Bad luck I would say. The organizer just forgot to send me the songs... One night before then it was too late. It was a pity... I postponed another show in Spain for this very special event. But shit happens, hahaha... No bad feelings. The guy apologized for his huge mistake...

Talking about RJD... I guess as a singer he somehow influenced you. Do you remember what you felt when you heard him first? Saw him live the first time?

Well, unfortunately I never saw him life, only on VHS or DVD... ;-) He was amongst others one the THE singers. Actually he didn't really influence me as I came to know about him way later. But I always was a fan of his singing.

At the moment you are looking for a bass player... Have you already found the right guy? Or are you still searching?

Actually no, and this really sucks... There's still a few in the loop. ;-) But it's not so easy to get a great bass man as it's not only the playing that matters... I need somebody real. Somebody who digs my music, who wants to be in my band... This is not a job-thing and I don't need people like that. It really sucks, that my former bassist doesn't wanna spend too much time with music… He would be the perfect match…. But sooner or later it'll happen....

Beside writing / recording your own music, you do a lot studio jobs. Sometimes it's 'just' backing vocals, sometimes full productions... What makes the studio work interesting for you?

In general it's a great thing to create something. In the studio you can see how things grow... But nowadays I don't really like to sit in my studio on my own anymore. Did this all my life. Just a one man show... That's why it is so great to produce other bands, or just sing on other productions. Your amongst other musicians. Other ideas, other influences...

Beside the plans to tour, what else is on your schedule for 2011?

First of all I will finish the 2nd Redrum album. I'm on it right now. It's just the vox, lead guitars and some keyboards left. It's planned to record a 2nd Trophy album later this year, but we didn't set a schedule yet.. A new project, but more metal will have me singing on it…. More later ;-) Of course some other productions. One German (German lyrics), very promising band and some Swiss band… I'll be pretty busy. On top I'll try to record the successor of different this year. The one or the other video clip is also on my list for 2011.

Looks like Mr. Bormann has quite a few things on his schedule for 2011. And to his fans it will be good news that there will be more shows, a live DVD planned as well as new albums.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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