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In Words: Bloodwritten

- Bastard - Mar. 2010 - Mike Thompson -

© Bloodwritten

Bastard - March 12th 2010 (by email)

Polish blackened thrash band Bloodwritten recently unleashed their Whore EP upon the world. Their new album, Thrashin Fury, is set to be released in the near future. I took the chance to ask them some questions.

Hey guys, thanks for agreeing to this interview!

It's always a pleasure for us...

So, for the benefit of those that don't know Bloodwritten, could you tell us briefly how you came to form the band? How did you come up with the name?

Bloodwritten was formed in 1997 by Bastard and Thanathos . We wanted to play black and thrash metal. Due to permanent line-up issues, finally we formed strong band in 2002, which effected in releasing our first worth notice demo – Reborn in 2004. In 2006 we recorded first album entitled Iniquity Intensity Insanity [famous Hertz studio], which was released as a debut album in 2008 through Vinylucifer Records. As for name of the band, we had long debates about it – it had to be bloody, strong and original. I came up with about 30 names and Bloodwritten was among them.

You made the Whore EP available as a free download. Was it a difficult decision to give away your music for free? Have you noticed an increase in interest about the band since the EP was made available?

We have played metal for over 12 years now, we don't do it for money, but for fun and our satisfaction. So, giving our music for free was not the issue. We assume this is form of promotion of our music, which should be more known. Release of EP increased interest about our music as well as gigs – people in Poland ask us, why we don't play more often. We even hear questions, why EP is only online. They want to buy this EP on CD !

The artwork on the Whore EP, is by American artist Hilary Keller. How did you come to use this picture? Will you be using her work on the new album?

We were looking for something attractive, adequate to the title. I found this artwork on portal and this was it! I sent an e-mail to Hillary and she answered that she has always been a thrash metal fan and she will be glad if we use her artwork as the cover of Whore EP.
Cover for our upcoming album has different atmosphere – as the album is about war, cover is more epic and serious. Cover was designed by Ataman Tolovy, author of cover for our debut album. He also made graphics for Stillborn and Azarath.

Could you tell us a bit about the songs on Thrashin' Fury? More tales of occultism and the like?

Generally speaking, the album is about war in different aspects. We have for example tracks like Drums Of War – this is scene from battlefield, Radiation – post-nuclear world, Return To Tortuga Bay – pirates, and Zombie Survival – war with the Dead. There is one occult-like song – this is Unleash The Unholy – the most blackened track on this album.

Is it a band effort to write the songs or are their one or two main song writers?

We compose tracks together but main riffs are done by guitarists – Thanathos and Nekrohypnos. However one track – Whore – is composed by our drummer – Matt.

How is the search for a label going? Have you had much interest?

We have management now and we count on it very much. As we know, there are few labels interested in releasing Thrashin' Fury.

I notice you're quite inspired by the occult. Is this just an interesting subject to write about or does it go further for you?

I'm into old thrash, death and black scene and such topics were always close to my metal soul. Still we are not really into black metal ideology as a band. We jut play black fucking thrash metal!

What are your favourite memories from being on tour? Which band(s) would you most like to play live with?

Playing live is the best ! We enjoy it so much. And afterparty ! We loved to play with Hate, Atropos, No-Mads.

Poland has quite a rich metal history, especially in the more extreme genres with bands like Vader and Behemoth being probably the best known. What is the metal scene like at the moment in Poland?

I think that our scene is developing very fast. We have few young metal bands which could be compared to European scene. We've been always strong in death metal, but know thrash metal is back and Poland has much to offer in this genre.

How do you guys like to unwind after a show?

Like everyone else, I guess. Alcohol & nice company is the best. And I will say no more !

Thanks very much for taking the time to answer these questions. Good luck with the new album and the search for a record deal!

Thank you very much for your time and interest. Hailz to all thrash metal fans around the world. Wait for our new album – it's gonna be a killer!

Mike Thompson


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