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In Words: Bloodbound

- Tomas Olsson - July 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

© Rasmus Lindgren

Tomas Olsson - July 22nd 2009 (by email)

Bloodbound have a new album out and there have been some changes... Time to learn a bit more, thanks to guitarist Tomas Olsson for answering my questions!

Urban is back. You have a new album called Tabula Rasa. And some might have expect the album to sound more like Nosferatu, but Bloodbound's sound has some new elements. Was it planed to change musically a bit? Or did it just happen to turn out this way?

After Book Of The Dead I started to write some riffs that turned out heavier and more modern sounding than our earlier work. It came natural and was not really my intention from the start. Thats how the idea of making something 'new' and a little bit different came up.

Did you want to have a lyrical concept for this album? And why was 'Tabula Rasa' kind of perfect for this album?

The lyrics are written around the concept of Tabula Rasa. It refers to the thesis that individuals are born without built-in mental content and that their knowledge comes from experience and sensory perception. You are born like an unscribed tablet. Also it is like a new fresh start for the band. Tabula Rasa is not only the concept of the album, it's the mark of a new period of time for the band. So I think it's a perfect concept for this album.

Now the album is out for a bit and the recordings were finished awhile ago... Are you satisfied with the way it turned out?

Yes, we are very happy with the album, it turned out great. There is always minor things you want to change, but sometime you have to let go. We wanted a heavier and more modern sounding album, and that is what we got.

And what about the feedback? Was it what you expect it to be?

Yes, basically. The response has been both good and bad. We have gained a lot of new fans as it’s a more aggressive and modern sounding album, at the same time the old-school fans like the old stuff better. The next album will be mix between the two hahahaha... Overall I think it's a step forward for the the band. You can't please everybody.

With Blistering Records you have a better distribution... The album gets out in more countries. Have that be important for you when you signed with them? Or was it also the fact that Lars Chriss is also an active musician and has a better knowledge what a band needs?

Yes, Blistering Records believes in the band and are ready to support us properly. We need to go on tour and that's the main reason why we signed with them.

Btw, have you done a video for one of the songs? Did I just missed it? And if not, which song would you like to do a video for?

No, not yet, but we have been talking about it. I think Sweet Dreams Of Madness would be good song to do a video for.

Any news from the code breaking part? Did someone succeed?

I don't think anybody has worked it out yet, it is difficult... Maybe we should give some clues... hahaha....

You were on tour in the Eastern parts lately.... And on your website is a photo made at the show in Zlin... Last year you played at the Masters Of Rock which is sited just a few kilometers from Zlin, so how was it to be back there?

It was great, we met a lot of people who saw us at Masters Of Rock last year. Zlin was one of the best gigs on the tour. The eastern European fans are truly great! ;)

Did you have some times to check out the cities you played? Or was the schedule too tight?

We had a busy schedule, but we tried to see as much as possible. Prague, Budapest and Belgrade were the main day-off cities. Eastern Europe has a very cool vibe to it and the people are friendly and very nice.

And where would you like to go? For example is Japan more interesting then South America for you? Or would you like to take up the experience to play Israel?

Japan and South America are two places that would be great to play. I have always wanted to go to Japan, because of the interesting culture, so Japan would be my first choice. Israel sounds interesting too, but war and religious fanatics are putting me off.

Do you fear that even after the trials of Pirate Bay founders people won't be afraid of facing consequences?

It will take a lot more to stop the downloading, if it's even possible to stop. It will continue like before until something major happens.

The elections for the European parliament have been a few weeks ago... What do you think about the 'success' of The Pirate Party?

I'm not surprised, many people live on the internet today, and some of them are not in touch with reality...

Do you think that the media coverage about The Pirate Party and the Pirate Bay trials got them too much attention? And that the party will get more powerful now? Also internationally?

No, eventually people will understand what's right or wrong and the party will be gone.

I guess a tour is already in the making... Are there any details you can give us now?

We are planning a second western European tour for the Tabula Rasa album at the end of this year. No dates are confirmed yet, but keep an eye on our website for upcoming tour dates.

What else is on your schedule for 2009?

We are taking some time off to write songs for our next album which hopefully will be out in early 2010, so don't miss it!


I will definitely check for tour dates and as soon as dates are confirmed I'll spread the word! Time to check out the 'new' Bloodbound live!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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