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In Words: BISS

- Fernando Garcia - April 2002 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Fernando Garcia - April 2002 (by email)

It's been awhile since we heard something from the German band Victory. Now singer Fernando Garcia ia back! This time he joined forces with guitarist Doc Heyne, who should be known to insiders of the hard rock scene. So, it's obvious what to expect musically, right? And yes, it's hard rock!

Fernando, it's been years since Victory released Voice­print and toured with the album. What happened since?

I needed a break! I was exhausted, we had permanently toured and when we didn't tour we were recording or writing songs.

Have there ever been a request for a reunion of Victory? Or have you ever talked about that subject?

There were talks about last winter. But there won't be a reunion of Victory!

Is there any Victory stuff left over?

Sure, there are songs, but I have no idea if they ever will be released.

How did BISS started? What does BISS mean?

I had several offers for different projects. But none of these project convinced me. Then I got the offer to do BISS, I liked the songs and I thought this was the right thing to do. I flew to Münster and recorded the tracks!

The songs were written by Doc Heyne and Michael Voss (ex-Mad Max, ex-Casanova, Demon Drive). Do you had any influence when you recorded the vocal parts?

No, nothing! The songs were already recorded, so I just came and sung the vocal lines.

Actually BISS is more a project of Doc Heyne, not your own. How much can you identify yourself with BISS?

I can identify 100% with BISS, otherwiese I wouldn't have done this!

Which song presents BISS best in your opinion?

Every single track is BISS.

What do you think about the Falco cover? How were the reactions so far?

I liked the idea, beside that they did a really cool version of it and for me it was a challenge to sing German! I never did it before! That people will have different opinions about this cover we expected. One reason is that we didn't covered a rock track, the other that we covered a German pop song for a power metal album! Rock Me Amadeus didn't really fit into the concept of the album. We know that even some rock fans won't accept this, but many simply can't make a difference between our own stuff and the cover version.... Anyway, we had fun and it was cool to do something different!

How were the reactions in general so far?

Reactions have been pretty good, fantastic partly. Many wrote to me and said that they are glad that I'm back! And that they really like the stuff. The responce, the mails make me really happy. It ain't easy to return to the limelight after being absence for such a long time...

Have you had any influence which songs been used for the CD sampler?

Honestly, I have no idea! I'm not involved iht the business part. I guess that the label chose the songs.

After the recordings.... Have you started writing new material? Or ain't there any song writing together?

BISS is just a project! After the recordings everybody continued whatever he did before. If there should be a BISS II, then the songs will be written by Doc Heyne and Michael Voss.

I can't believe that you haven't done anything musically during all these years... Are there any songs from this period? Will they be released one day?

Sure, there are songs! But at the moment I have no idea if and where they will be released.

I heard that you have a band called Firechain. Please tell about them!

Rumors? It's right!. The band is musically different to BISS, Firechain is more rock'n'roll and doesn’t sound that progressive. But there are no details to tell, yet! Perhaps I can tell you more later this year.... Fall probably...

BISS as a duo can't tour. Are you already looking for musicians? Or have you already found some?

That's Doc's buisness! As far as I know Doc already found musicians, but I can't tell any details. I'm just the singer! ;-)

I think it's much too early to talk about a tour... But haven't you missed being on stage?

Yes and no! Touring is good and bad.... It's interesting to meet new people and see new places everyday, on the other hand after awhile you hate travelling, coz you had to live from outta your suitcase. After the Voiceprint tour I felt that way. I just wanted to go home! Never ever see my suitcase again! ;-)
Now I reload my batteries and I'm hot to tour again!

What do you think about the way the music scene developed during the years? At the moment it seems that melodic rock / hard rock is getting more popular again....

Right, at the moment rock music is coming back! But beside a lot of very good bands and a few taltented young bands there are a lot of shit! Too many bad ones get deals...

In the 80's quite a few bands from Hannover were known. There was a local scene, then it seems that there was a kind of breakdown. Do you have any idea how came?

Actually, no! I haven't been in Hannover since late 1996, so I don't know the scene these days.

Different topic.... More or less.... Many musicians started a career in the music business as producers or working in agencies and promotion companies, after they kinda retired. Have you ever thought about something like that?

Sure, but I reconsidered it. I'm too young to leave the stage forever and to do an office job!

These days it's much easier for young bands to record songs, even in a decent quality. And with the web and the new media they have the chance to get people listen to it. But on the other hand it didn't quite work... What do you think about? Are you interested in internet? Do you use it?

Sure, I like to surf the web, just for fun. To promote through the internet is a pretty good idea and that artists without a contract have the chance to distribute their stuff world-wide. But unfortunately there isn't a world-wide platform for it. Everyone found a platform somewhere...
But that means that you often just find something inccidently. These days there are more and more pages where young artists get featured and so more people have the chance to listen to it.

MP3.... What's your opinion?

Good and bad... The idea of MP3 is good, but it got abused by too many people and that ain't good for artists and the music business in general.

Other topic.... On tour you haven't enough time for seight-seeing, even if you are playing in many towns. Did the different cultures influenced you?

Right, it's a pity. Luckily I grew up with different cultures, lived abroad and I always been interest in different cultures. But I think that I still got influenced by the different cultures I have seen on tour.

When you're looking back in time, are there any stories to tell from past tours?

Sure, there are lots of different experiences, positive and negative ones. Most are the kind of ones you have to be part of...

You toured a lot and worked with many different musicians. Is there still a band or musician you would like to work with?

Aerosmith, Steven Tyler.

Who influenced you in the beginning? Who is influence you these days?

Kiss, Queen and many other rock bands from that days. Today I'm more open-minded and get influenced by many different sounds. Hard to name any.

You speak several languages. Have you ever thought about writing songs in a different language? Not in English? Or record a some stuff in a different language / version?

I did with BISS. (Okay, but I didn't meant the cover version... - editor)

What do you think about all the reunions? This summer Ratt, Poison & co. touring the States...

I like it and perhaps it'll help the rock scene. It's cool!

Last, but not least... What can we expect from Fernando Garcia in future?

Music, music and even more music! No memoirs!

Thanks a lot and it would be cool, if you would keep us updated about what's going on....

My pleasure and thanks a lot! Just get in touch with me later this year and per­haps I have some news for you.... - El Toro

Okay, now we got updated about what Fernando did since Victory broke up as well as about his latest musical ex­periences. Now it's all wait and see, if BISS will make their way in the hard rock scene....

Claudia Ehrhardt


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