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In Words: Beyond Surface

- Gerrit Wolf - Feb. 2004 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Gerrit Wolf - Feb., 20th 2004

The band exists for a couple of years and this line-up is together since summer 2001. But for most this is the first contact with the German rockers. The band name Beyond Surface has a deeper meaning which singer Gerrit Wolf explained: "It has a deeper meaning, coz beyond the surface are the little things which can be important to life. It meant to look beyond the surface, to see the little things behind the big ones which are obvious." They would categorize their music as rock. "For me rock means everything from AC/DC to Rob Zombie to Radiohead. But I understand that journalists, etc. need to label it in a way... So I think it's okay to call our music gothic rock." Gerrit told me. The band is compared with HIM... "We don't like it, but it's okay. The term gothic rock is based on Paradise Lost. They are a fantastic band. They changed during their career, not radically, but..." The sextet from Mainz is some kind of gothic rock, even if they have a certain melancholy in their music, but far from being depressive. "Right, there is a melancholy in our music. Lyrically I write about everyday life, about what happen to me and friends. It's kind autobiographically. Nowadays many people have to face problems and they are down. I hope that with my lyrics they realize that they are not alone and that they shouldn't give up. That's also the meaning behind Destination's End. So, there is something positive beyond the surface of our music." To check out the album the title track and Don't Let It Go are recommended by the singer, coz they show the musical direction of Beyond Surface, but it also shows the different sides of our music. The song structure of Don't Let It Go is quite interesting. The deal they got through their were one of the five finalists of the Young Metal Gods contest and one of the 3 bands who got a deal with Sanctuary Records. "We were really surprised when we got the call to play at Bochum Zeche. Actually I sent the demo and we didn't thought about it anymore. Even when we got the call, it took us a while to realize it. Then we had to face that the finals were at Bochum Zeche which is a quite big venue. Beside that the other bands would be really good, too. There was a certain pressure on us, but we are always prepare us intensively for live shows. We knew that just 3 of 5 bands will get a contract. When we watched the bands we had the feeling that one band won't have a chance, coz they had many problems on stage. But I won't name them." Beside that the other bands were more metal and so they had their doubts. Finally they made it and got a contract with Sanctuary Records. A good business partner - the band appreciate that - who will get them on festivals and on a tour, if possible, but at the moment Gerrit can't give any details. Nothing is confirmed yet. "We will play a release party next week in Mainz and afterwards a few single shows. At the moment we have to take care about that things a little. All dates will be on our website. At the moment there are general information and member biographies, but soon there shall be soundfiles and pictures, etc." The soundfiles may help to make up your mind... "Not every review was positive, but most were. In the coming RockHard issue is a review which isn't that good... But so far the reactions been quite good." Gerrit told me and that he can understand that doing CD reviews isn't always easy, coz it has to do with musical preferences and the mood you are in. Even if the reviewer should be objective...
The music is written by singer Gerrit and the guitarists Thorsten and Marten. "We - the guitarist and I - collect ideas and work out songs in my home studio, then present it to the band. Sometimes we change things or we thrash it." Produced was the album - as every winner of the Young Metal Gods contest - by Piet Sielck. "To work with Piet was very cool, even if he is more metal then we are. He's a nice guy. We had different visions, especially for the final mix. He did it the way he wanted it, we wanted something different. That's why we did the final mix somewhere else and that's why our album is out a little later then the ones of Dyecrest and Persuader." Their label Sanctuary Records offered them to take care about the artwork, but the band refused. "We have a good friend, he's kind of a 7th band member and he is studying design. We wanted a cover artwork which fit to the music. He's also doing the website and all the other things which need some design. We have linked him on our page, coz we want to support him." That's the way it should be, to support each other. Hopefully the fans will support Beyond Surface, coz it a quite good band and that they can tour. The idea of the Young Metal Gods contest was great and they are presenting the German bands in a way. I hope that this wasn't the last time that this contest took place. Support the young bands! The oldsters like Iron Maiden, Metallica, etc. ask for a lot money, if you want to see them live, spend this money and watch some youngsters and / or buy their albums. They deserve it. And I can recommend this band not just to gothic fans! Check them out!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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