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In Words: Beyond Fallen

- Beyond Fallen - June 2007 - Philip Thelen -

Beyond Fallen band photo
© Beyond Fallen

Beyond Fallen - June 2007 (by email)

With Beyond Fallen a new American power metal is making their first step onto the metal stage. Their debut got good to superb reviews, a good reason to learn a bit more about the American!

Can you tell me something about the founding and start of Beyond Fallen?

Steve was trying hard to start a band for a long time but never really put anything serious together. He did find some metal players before I joined to complete the current line-up. Steve found Chuck - who was in a cover band, but wanted to play metal -, and Mike answered an ad. We had another drummer, but we parted ways with him after the first 4-song demo. That's when we found Tom, and the line-up has been the same for the last few years, and both Lost In The Shadows and Mindfire albums.

How did you get the name Beyond Fallen?

Ok, we had a bunch, and all narrowed it down and picked one that was not taken. And we could get the website We needed something we liked and was available - so that was it. I think it was a first choice, something about it everyone liked. I came up with it.

Can you tell me something about the cover of Mindfire?

The concept of Mindfire was mine, and I did all the artwork. It is based around how our society and culture has decreased the value of individuality. Government, religion, the media, and corporations attempt 'burn away' the human will and free thinking so they can manipulate weak minds to - essentially creating drones that follow without giving resistance.

Does the songs act of something? Are there true backgrounds?

The songs on Mindfire touch on a variety of topics from government corruption, history, Sci-fi, etc. The best way for a listener or metal fan to explore the songs is to get the new album and listen, to read the lyrics. There's a lot left to personal interpretation also.

Will there be a time to see you on tour in Europe / Germany?

Yes, we have a few shows lined up, check our website. We'd like to meet as many people as possible, so if you can get to any shows be sure to say hello.

How did your idols influence you?

I think the first singers were Ian Gillan, Freddie Mercury... The Beatles. I then discovered The Doors, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Dio etc., and many metal bands. I was blown away at a very early age by music, and knew I wanted to sing in a band. One of my first albums was Jesus Christ Superstar - with Ian Gillan as Jesus. This is really an epic concept album and rock opera, ahead of it's time, if you think about it, and that naturally led me to metal. It was a huge influence on me from a very young age. I never imagined I'd be travelling overseas to perform, or have albums out, so I owe it to those guys, those influences for me being able to do this.

Is there a band you would tour with?

Many! I'm open to almost anything. Judas Priest would be awesome.

Ok, do you have a statement to the readers?

Well, I hope you all check out Beyond Fallen, get the new album, and if you are coming to any of our shows be sure to say hello. We'd like to meet as many of you as possible!

Philip Thelen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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