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In Words: Betrayer F.T.M.

- Jimmy Acevedo - February 2011 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Betrayer F.T.M.
© Betrayer F.T.M.

Jimmy Acevedo - February 23rd 2011 (by email)

How many bands from Colombia can you name? Not many, I guess, thrash outfit Betrayer F.T.M. want to change this and released an album called No Life Till Fury. Guitarist and singer Jimmy answered my questions to enlighten you about Betrayer F.T.M..

Please tell us a bit about the beginning of Betrayer F.T.M.!

The birth of Betrayer FTM was in 2005 and it is was this way: Carlos Vitery (first bass player) and Mauricio Murcia decide to form a thrash metal band and they were in search of a guitarist, with the time and the recommendation of someone they reach me. At the same time they were looking for a drummer Juan Camilo Cobo (first drummer) . First bass player and first drummer mentioned are no longer in the band.

There are quite a few bands called Betrayer, I guess that's why you added F.T.M. ... What does it stand for? Fucking Thrash Metal?

Well, for this question I want to recall a think that a metal maniac from Peru said to me about FTM, he thought it stands for Fast Thrash Metal. The here is, FTM could be whatever people want it to be.

You are combining different sounds. What bands have influenced you? And what are you listening to these days?

A lot of bands from the 70's like Betrayer F.T.M.Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and a lot NWoBHM stuff as well as some punk band like The Misfits.

Tell us, how long it took to write and record the songs?

The writing of the songs is a progress that we had been building up from the beginning of the band. The recording of the album took us about six months, til we felt it's right.

Do you have a main songwriter? Or is the songwriting a band effort?

We don't have a formula to make songs, sometimes we get together and write, sometimes it's me, Jimmy, who does the song writing.

At No Life Till Fury has one song in Spanish. Why did you decide to do La orden del caos in Spanish?

Here in Colombia we have a comic book called SRT Project, it's about zombies, monsters, heavy artillery and more cool stuff. They contacted us to make a songs as a sound track for the comic and for the short film which will be shown in movie theaters in Colombia. So that's the reason why it's the only Spanish songs we have. Here is the website of the project:

Is the No Life Till Fury meant as a full-length or mini album? Coz with a little less the 32 minutes it's quite short for a full-length...

We just don't think about how long an album has to be, it's alright the way we made it and it's out.

You are from Cali / Colombia, a part of the world people don't have a very positive image of. And I guess it isn't easy for you... Tell us, is there a metal scene? Can you play live frequently?

Yeah, we have a cool metal scene here in Cali and we play frequently in our home town, Just last Saturday, February 19th, we played live.

What about a trip abroad? Playing in neighboring countries?

Oh, yeah! Last year we were on a South American tour called No Life Till Fury tour, and we visited Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina. In 2009 we toured in Ecuador, the tour was called Ecuadorian Assault.

Anything else you want to tell?

Well, thank you for all, Claudia. I also want to sent a huge metal claw to all those metal maniacs who follow this cool zine and remember Betrayer F.T.M. are the force and energies expressed with the sound of metal.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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