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In Words: Barcode

- Jay - April 2002 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

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Jay (Barcode) - April 2002 (by email)

Awhile ago the CD of the Danish band Barcode released a CD I reviewed and so I did an emailer with guitarist Jay. And here we go...

Please tell a little bit about the past of Barcode, coz most of our readers might not know you!

Barcode made their first demo in '96, followed up by the debut Hard Jet Super Flash in '97. Barcode played a few shows here in Denmark and in the UK. Then the singer (Greg) got kicked out and Kenneth (guitar) left the band. I joined in, and Butch joined in later. That was in '98. We started to prepare the songs for the 2nd album, and recorded them l ate '98. Beerserk was released in '99. After that we got the chance to go on a European tour with mighty Madball and we so we did. After that we played some shows with Skarhead and we also played at the European Hardcore Party.

Beerzerk was released in 1999 and now in 2002 your new album Hardcore will be in the stores.
There were line-up changes. Please tell us what happened and why it took so long! And why Snik1 and Snik2?

After the Skarhead mini tour our drummer (Ralle) decided to leave the band, because he was tired of sitting behind the drums. He wanted to sing in a band. Tøddel, our bassplayer didn't had the time anymore, because of his studies, so he also left the band. Then our search for new members started. I asked Snik 1 if he wanted to play the bass in Barcode. We played/play together in another band called Hatesphere, and I knew he was good for the job. Then we got this drummer who only played 3 gigs with us. One of them was With Full Force in 2000. Then he left. So again we were searching for a new member. And in Denmark it takes time. It's hard to find people who can or will play this kind of music. But at last we found Snik 2, who were playing in some weird metal band. Snik 1 and Snik 2 are just funny nicknames. And that's what we call them when we are together.

How much were the new members involved in the new album? Could they bring in some new influences / elements?

Snik 2 really plays tight drums, so that was kind of a change. Our song writing is better and our playing skills as well. But the style is more or less the same - just better and tighter.

What is for you the difference musically between Beerzerk and Hardcore?

The only thing is the guitar solos, that we had on Beerserk. No more solos! And again better songwriting, and shorter songs.

Why do you chose Hardcore as the album title?

We choose the title, because we think that we are a hardcore band, and we are a good hardcore band. Hardcore to us means good fun and lots of energy. It's a hardcore album, which might sound like a lot of other hardcore releases, but with a new and fresh edge.

Why do you decide to produce and mix the album yourself with the help of Fluke Madsen? Any other producer you would like to work with in future?

Tue, or Flue, is a good friend of us, and we knew that he could make this album sound like we wanted. He's a cool guy. Next time I think we do the recordings ourselves, in our rehearsal room. More money for us! ha ha. But if I could choose a producer, I would choose Paul Northfield (Suicidal Tendencies).

The album cover is really cool. Who had the idea? Is the heraldic figure really existing? Or is it designed for you?

Yeah, it's really cool! Thanks. And yes, it's a real thing. It's only Hardcore that is computer made. It's our towns weapon shield.

What does the cover mean to you?

Raw, dirty energy!

Is there any song which has a special meaning to you? Why?

They have all meaning to me: as good, timeless hardcore songs.

How you came up with the song / lyrics to Kreuzberger Hustler?

We've been in Berlin several times, and we met these two guys, called Heini and Schlumpf. They showed us Berlin. They are two really cool guys. We had a lot of fun, and of course we were pissdrunk. We decided to make song about them and for them.

Do you have the chance to play live in Denmark? Or Scandinavia?

We will play this festival in Aarhus called SPOT 08 in May. And then some festivals and concerts in Germany as well during the summer.

Which is the best country to tour for you?

Germany and Polen. Polen is crazy!

How was touring with bands like Madball and Skarhead?

A very cool experience. They are all nice guys and we had lots of fun.

Do you think that HC will become more popular again? Or should HC always be a kind of under;ground thing?

Right now metal is getting big again here in Denmark. It have been down for 4-5 years. But now it's coming back. I hope that the hardcore scene will follow. The radio stations are beginning to play hardrock and soft metal, so soon our time will come - I hope.

Quiet a few bands from this genre have very critical and sometimes political lyrics. What do you think about that?

I think that people have a problem with us, because we are non-political. We are not from the streets or have had a hard life and things like that. We live in a good well fare system here in Denmark. So it would be fake of us, singing about such things. To us it's the music and the fun. Nothing else.

How is life for you as a hardcore band in Denmark?

Here in Denmark there is no hardcore scene like there is in Germany, UK and the Benelux. So it's hard to play a lot of concerts. That sucks!

Have you ever thought about moving to a place where HC is more popular? To leave Denmark?

Yeah, but I'll wait and see.

What are your plans for 2002?

Make songs for a new album. Drink. Smoke and have fun.

Thank you very much for answering my questions and good luck for your future.

Thank you too. Take care - see ya in the bar.

Jay - Barcode

Claudia Ehrhardt


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