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In Words: Bangalore Choir

- David Reece - Sep. 2010 - Claudia Ehrhardt -
- David Reece - May 2012 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

David Reece
© David Reece

David Reece - May 18th 2012 (by email)

Bangalore Choir is back with a new album, time to hear more about Metaphor. And if they will hit the road....

In 2010 Bangalore Choir returned with Cadence. We did an interview for that one, but as time passes by opinions might change... Are you still happy with Cadence?

Absolutely! I feel a special place in my heart for that record because it was a new beginning for Bangalore Choir.

Now you are back with Metaphor... Why this title?

We all liked it, one song is called Metaphor, also the definition is cool.

And how does the artwork ties in?

Omar Reyna from High Voltage Music did it, he wanted to do something different because it seems a lot of record covers all look the same.

Part of the band is living in the US, others in Germany... With modern technology it's no problem at all, but do you sometimes miss meeting for rehearsals and working on songs as a band?

Very much! I miss living the songs with each other and all the energy that goes along with it! Times change though and does people's lives so we make the best of the situation and try and create the best music we can.

How long did it take to record Metaphor?

About 6 weeks.

The different instruments and the vocals were recorded wherever one lives and later Andy Susemihl 'created' the final version. Have you sent files back and forth a lot working on it? Or did Andy finish his job and you got to hear the album when he thought it's perfect?

All of us contributed and when Andy would finish a mix he would send it to all of us for our opinions, he usually does such a good job that there's never many changes made.

Which song(s) would you like to make a video clip for?

All The Damage Done and Never Face Ole Joe Alone.

These days social media is an important tool, what's your take on social media? Blessing or curse?

To me it's both, people have so much information coming at them at all times it seems their focus is short lived, but it's a necessary evil I suppose in these times.

A short US tour is on the way, any news about shows in Europe?

Yes, we will tour the U. K. in September and I'm working on European shows around the same time.

Beside shows with Bangalore Choir, what's on your schedule for 2012? Another solo album?

I'm writing for a new project I'm calling Waiting For War, it's very comparable to my works with Accept on Eat The Heat. I'm very excited about it and shopping it to labels now!

I hope that they can play shows allover Europe, I guess many fans waiting for them to tour... If you want to see them live, ask at the venue near you for Bangalore Choir - and perhaps they will come and play...

Claudia Ehrhardt


Bangalore Choir: David Reece
© Bangalore Choir

David Reece - September, 22nd 2010 (by email)

For many fans it was a surprise that finally Bangalore Choir is back with a new album. Time to talk to frontman David Reece about the reunion, the new album and more!

For many hard rock fans it might have been a surprise when they heard there will be a new Bangalore Choir album. You tried to bring back the band in 2008, but it didn't worked out. How long did you plan on bringing back Bangalore Choir this time?

I have been asked for many years to reunite Bangalore Choir by the fans and finally I am able to do so.

In the early 90's Bangalore Choir had one album called One Target, so Cadence is just the second album. How important was it for you to get other B.C. members involved?

To do a real reunion you must have as many original members as possible so I reached out to Curt Mitchell and Danny Greenberg and they happily agreed, Curt played most of the solos, Andy Susemihl and I wrote the majority of the music, although we did co-write with Tommy Denander and Christian Tolle as well as Martin Kronlund on a few tracks.

I guess when John Kirk didn't show interest in a reunion, Andy Susemihl was the obvious choice as you work together for awhile. I think Andy had quite some influence on the songs, right?

Andy is to me one of the greatest guitarists and producers around and we plan to work together for a very long time. John's main interest now with music is reggae and of course reggae doesn't really work with the B.C. sound! LOL

Between the release of debut and Cadence are about 18 years. You did a couple of other releases in the meantime. Do you find writing songs easier now? Or is it just different?

I find it gets easier the more I do it, that said though I do understand that collaborating with other writers keeps me fresh, also with lyrics I write with a few outsiders like Kyle Roberts and Dee Jukes.

Why the title Cadence?

I'm an outdoors man and do a lot of hunting and I study the sounds of different animals they make in the wild, Cadence means the vocalizing of different creatures as well as humans.

Which songs are representing Cadence best in your opinion? And is there a song which has a special meaning for you? Which one would you pick for a video?

For me songs like Martyr and Livin Your Dreams are classic B.C. and one of my favorites is Survival Of The Fittest, because this business is tough and you need a strong desire to survive it! As for a video? They ALL great!!!

In October you will play some shows, while long-time fans will hope for a lot stuff off On Target, there will be new songs. How do you choose the songs for the shows?

We will play the majority of On Target on this tour and add a few new songs from Cadence. One reason is because the fans would really like to see and hear those songs from On Target because they never had a chance to.

What about more shows? A tour? Any chance to see more of Bangalore Choir soon?

I'm always working on booking shows and I have a lot of interest in shows for B.C. so I'm actually waiting on some more dates as we speak. If any promoters are reading this they can contact me at

There is also a re-issue of On Target, how important was it for you to make it available? To overdo it?

Well? The re-mastering we did because we felt it was important to give the record the sound it deserved and I think it sounds far better now. Also the re-issue was a great reintroduction to the fans and a great set up for the new record Cadence.

It seems that beside working with Andy, you like to work with Martin Kronlund. Any news about your cooperation?

I recorded all the vocals for Cadence at Martin's studio in Sweden, we actually just spoke and are discussing writing and recording a new record together soon. Martin is truly a great talent!

Are you already working on a new solo album? Or is your main focus these days Bangalore Choir?

Yes, I'm nearly done with my new solo record it will be called Beneath The Surface. The problem is, the songs are so killer, I can't decide whether to use them for a new B.C. record? LOL! I suppose it's a good problem to have!

Any other news to share? Anything else you want to add?

Again just thanks to you and all the music fans worldwide! I just launched my new website so please everyone stop by and check it out!!
yours in voice
David Reece

Looks like Bangalore Choir fans can look forward to more B.C. and Reece music! And that Bangalore Choir will be around and active for quite awhile now... Check the new website! And try to catch them live, if you get the chance!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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