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In Words: Bai Bang

- Diddi - Apr. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -
- Diddi - Aug. 2011 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Bai Bang
© Bai Bang

Diddi - August 24th 2011 (by email)

Bai Bang are back with a new album called Livin' My Dream, time to talk to singer Diddi Kastenholt about the new album and future plans!

Livin' My Dream is your new album, when did you start writing songs for this one?

We started almost after the release of the album Are You Ready. I think we have worked 1,5 years on it!

You recorded Livin' My Dream in your hometown Helsingborg... So you prefer to be home while recording? Don't fear to be distracted?

It's ok to stay in Helsingborg. You don't have to rush things. It's easier! In another town you might go out after the studio, waste time and perhaps not focus too much....

For the mastering you hired Martin Kronlund, why was he the perfect guy for this task?

Martin was the choice from our label. But I'm glad he did the mastering. Great job!!!!!

The album is called Livin' My Dream... Why did you choose this title?

Livin My Dream... I think everybody should do that! Live your dream! You never know when life ends. I've had too many close people around my who die too early!!!! Just live your life!!!!!

In my opinion Tonight would be perfect for a video... Any plans to shoot a video clip for one of the songs?

Tonight is a great song. We do have plans for a video! We have not have the time to do it yet!!! But we will. But perhaps on Livin My Dream!!!!

Die For You would sound great in an acoustic version, ever thought about doing some acoustic shows? Or an acoustic part when you play live?

It's a great song. We have done acoustic sets in small clubs, but we will not put it in the set!! We will fore sure do acoustic gigs in the future.

Earlier this year you played some shows in Sweden, did you play some new stuff? Kinda testing the waters?

Yes! The audience love the new songs!! Feels great to play them live!!!!

How was it to share the stage with Doro in Malmö?

To play with Doro was great!!! She is so nice. The band are great as well!!! Nice memories!!!

At Wacken you did a media showcase... Satisfied with the response you got?

Wacken was great! We did this press show! Very good! We liked it a lot!!!!!

Any plans to play outside your home country?

Yes, we are looking at offers from abroad!!! We like to go to Germany soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the moment your website is under construction, any idea when it will be fully back?

Hopefully next week!!

Social network is pleasure and pain, what's it for your? Happy that via Facebook & co you can keep your fans in the loop while your homepage is under construction?

We all need internet to be in contact with our fans etc!! It's very important!!!!

Anything I should have asked? Something you want to add?

We, Bai Bang, like to thank all our fans out there for your support!!
Rock on! Rock it!

Thanks Diddi for answering my questions and I hope to see Bai Bang on tour - and to catch an acoustic show. Let's see what future holds for Bai Bang!

Claudia Ehrhardt


Bai Bang
© Bai Bang

Diddi - April 15th 2009 (by email)

At the moment it seems that sleaze and glam bands are returning to the spotlight - and especially bands from Sweden! Just a few weeks ago Nasty Idols presented a new album and now its time for Bai Bang. Let's hear what singer Diddi has to tell us!

Please tell us, when do you started Bai Bang and what made you start the band!

Well, along story.... We were some friends playing in another band and changed name and some members... To play rock and being on stage has always been a dream for me. AND HERE WE ARE!!

Why the name Bai Bang? Inspired by the Swedish-Vietnam paper mill project? Or is there any other story behind it?

We were in a studio recording our first album Enemy Lines when we decided to change the bands name. We read about the Swedish project and had it as a name among others. When we did the last mixing in the studio I asked the band which name they could remember of all names we had.... Bai Bang was the only one we remembered.... So, Bai Bang is now more famous for rock than papermill project!!!

You are from Helsingborg mainly. Was it easy to find musicians for a band? Was / is there a rock / metal scene in your hometown?

No, it was not hard to find. We were lucky to get the best... But over the year we have had some members in and out. I think we have a good metal / hard rock scene in Helsingborg. Very good bands!!

From the late 80's to the mid-90's you released several albums, when you are now looking back, are you satisfied with the records? Or do you wish you could change something?

I'm satisfied with all records when I look in the mirror... Of course you can always, when you know the answers, wish you would have done something different.... But it was good at that time. To be honest with you (and I always think / want the latest album to be the best) THIS IS THE BEST ALBUM EVER!!!!! Nice songs, good production, mastering etc. 10 songs and everyone could be a single!!!

After Riding High there was no release til 2001's Attitude. What happened?

We toured a lot. Had some band members that had to go, looking for new ones.

Now 8 years later you have a new studio album, called Are You Ready. Have the songs been written for this release or gathered over a longer period?

It's not really 8 years. Attitude had to be released in different territories over some years so actually it took 5 years until this album came. Some of the songs has been with me for a longtime, only in a small idea inside my head. But actually we started writing for this album from the very beginning.

What bands have inspired you? And what are you listening to these days?

Kiss, Aerosmith, Poison. I've been listening to Mötley Crüe.

What 2-3 songs of Are You Ready would you recommend, if someone want to check it out?

That's hard..... I Love The Things You Hate. It's a good starter. Born To Rock!!! In tribute to my older brother who tragically died. I like people to listen to Only The Best Die Young!

And for which song would you like to do a video?

I Love The Things You Hate!!!

What about live shows? You'll play some shows in Sweden in May, anything else on the way?

Yes, we'll play Wacken Rocks South in Rieden / Kreuth in Germany on May 22nd with bands like Axxis, D:A:D, Edguy, Stratovarius, U.D.O. and more.
On May 23rd we play Wacken Rocks Seaside in Aurich (Germany) with the same billing. On 10th of July we'll play in the USA, Rocklahoma in Oklahoma with bands like Twisted Sisters, Anthrax, Vixen, Danger Danger, Helix, Warrant, Great White and more.
On 31st July we'll play Wacken Open Air. With bands like Heaven & Hell, Motörhead, Volbeat, Hammerfall, Testament, Lacuna Coil and more.

You toured in Europe, America and Japan in the past... And played with a lot of different bands What band impressed you most? And where would you like to play again?

Been touring with Alice Cooper. He is cool. Great songs and a great show. Union with Bruce Kulick and John Corabi was very nice. Ratt and Dio as well.

Any news to share? Anything you want to add?

Bai Bang would like to thank all fans around the world for their support! We really love you! Come and see some shows and hang out with us!!! You will have a great time!! And don't forget to buy the album!!

Rock is all!

Diddi / Bai Bang

Some might catch Bai Bang at a festival, if there will be club shows only time will tell. But it sounds like the Swedish are out to have a good time and don't even think about retiring!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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