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On stage: Brides Of Destruction

- Brides Of Destruction - Nov. 2005 - Casper, WY (USA) -

- Brides Of Destruction
- Nov. 6th 2005 - Casper (Wyoming, USA), Eagle Lodge -

Tonight I went to see Brides of Destruction perform at the Eagles Lodge with support acts Somedays Later, Epitome and Smolder Soul. But I don't know the bands and as I has to work on this Sunday I arrived late, but in time for Brides Of Destruction.
As we all waited impatiently for the show Scot Coogan came up onstage and started checking the drums. Then I could hear a guitar and Tracii Guns is wailing out riffs such as Danzig's Mother, Ain't Talking About Love by Van Halen and The Lemon Song (Killing Floor) by Led Zeppelin.
The lights got dim and the show begins. Singer London Legrande and bassist Scott Sorry came up on stage and got joined by Tracii Guns and Scot Coogan. They kicked off with I Don't Care. London is wearing his long coat. They play their second song Dead Man's Ruin when in the middle of the song Scott Sorry's bass strings tore and he had to switches his bass. They kept playing. During 2 Times Dead Tracii plays a 3 min. solo. Afterwards a 'real' solo by Tracii followed and they started playing the Jimi Hendrix' Red House. During the Hendrix track Tracii Gunns sang and played guitar. London Lagrande sang a few lines of the old L.A. Guns song Ballad of Jayne. Then they switched into Never Say Never. During Tunnel Of Love the gunsman had to change his guitar, but well. The last song was Shut The Fuck Up.
Some shaking hands and they left the stage.
Resume: A good show, even if a bit short. A few technical problems, but that's lif(v)e. Hope the Brides come back on tour...

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