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On stage: Blackhorned

- Blackhorned & Blackhorned - Mar. 2010 - Copenhagen (DK) -

- Blackhorned & Blackhorned - March 5th 2010 - Copenhagen (DK), The Rock -

Myrd - live in Copenhagen

Blackhorned - live in Copenhagen

Blackhorned - live in Copenhagen

I could feel it already at the entrance. Most of the guests were invited by Myrd, and the way the crowd said this name the more terrified I became. Normally we don't do that much black metal at Ice Vajal, but Friday night was an exception. I have been to hundreds, hundreds of concerts, including Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Wendy O'Williams etc., but never one of this kind before.
Extreme, bizarre are just two words to describe this evening. Blood, flesh, bones, what a nightmare.
Myrd is a Danish band, and the name means killing. They are gruesome in the performance, but they have an appeal that only few bands can match. Before they came onto the stage, the vocalist just took a little shower in blood to create the right atmosphere. Many bones on the stage, that's parts of the outfit, but early in the show he took a big bowl with a content of blood and meat, and poured it out right into the crowd. Some found it too bizarre, so the bloody singer 'apologized' and invited everybody to come closer to the stage. "We are finished now to splash blood on you!" As if he couldn't get enough blood, he began to break beer bottles, and rolled around in the broken bottles of course making him bleed even more.
"I want some violence!" he bellowed, and kicked hard at the microphone, because it had slipped from his bloody hands. Later they started to spit each other directly in the faces. Hm, delicious. And if that didn't do the trick the singer attacked the bass player, and bit him hard in the leg. The bass player 'answered' by ripping the biters clothes to pieces, bloody pieces. After they have ended their show the singer crawled away from the stage... through the broken beer bottles. The music from Myrd is nothing to speak about, but this show is one I will remember for years to come.
Blackhorned was on stage shortly after, and they could play good quality black metal, lets say that they rocked with an energy from the next century. Some candlelights on the stage to make it more gothic, blasting guitars, and Michael Huhle on vocals was doing his best to create the perfect mood. I couldn't help think of the good old Messiah from Candlemass when Huhle rocked away on Friday night. "Who of you said SATAN?" Michael Huhle suddenly demanded, as someone in crowd had mentioned the S word. Also tonight we got a few songs from the new album from Blackhorned, that hits the streets in August.
What a concert! What a pair! What a difference! What a nightmare!

Lars Björn

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