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On stage: Behemoth

- Behemoth & Septic Flesh - Jan. 2010 - San Francisco, CA (USA) -

- Behemoth & Septic Flesh - January 17th 2010 - San Francisco (USA), Slim's -

I decided for the fun of it and for my own memory of events that I would write reviews of all the concerts I go from hence forth.

So let's get this started, half of the reason I wanted to write this review was to mention how badly Lightning Swords Of Death suck. For one, their vocalist was terrible, and that was his only job, the guy does not even play an instrument, neither he nor the band had any stage presence. If you're only going to 'sing' then you better at least be good at it, or at least get the crowd going... and what the fuck was up with the bass player with that solo? I was laughing my ass off; does this guy think he's Cliff Burton or something? Not that I'm saying Cliff was great or anything... Lasted like two minutes as well.

Septic Flesh was great, I had not had a chance to listen to their music past a few songs before seeing them but I was definitely impressed and am going to listen to their discography soon, Persepolis was quite the epic final song and left a great lasting impression.

Now we get to Behemoth, I felt they were the best thing at Mayhem Fest, and they did not disappoint this time around either. There really is not anything I can say here that anyone who went to the show does not know. Quality performance by quality band. If they played more material from say the first 3 albums, then I would be rendered silent. I only wish they had multiple tour shirts, or at least for it not to be one with the band members faces on it (I refuse to wear these types of shirts), but alas the Christians To The Lions shirt is still quite awesome.

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