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On disc: Byfist

- Adrenalin - Volker Raabe - 9 stars


(Saba Rec. - 2002)

Wow, what a killer! Unfortunately this is just the EP version of this fantastic American band and probably just for promotion. So, I can't say, if they sell this EP. But I can say that Byfist is killer! Keep your eyes and ears open, so that you don't miss the album, if this one will be released one day.
Okay, this might not be what all metal fans are longing for, but fans of power, true, melodic and US metal will love this one! Byfist brilliantly combine US power metal with a shouter who's screams will give you goose-bumps, great songwriting and the spirit of the 80's! Meltdown... Wow, what a track! That's pure f''king metal! If you love bands like Obsession, Gothic Knights, Commander or Overlorde for their high-pitched vocals, then you will love Byfist as well. It's a pleasure to listen to them and they do what we love: Metal!!!!
If you are keen to get this disc, then you can try to get one through ... This material is stuff for the highest ratings and I can just recommend to get in touch with the band!!!!

? stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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