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On disc: Buzzkill

Damned By Faith EP - Mike Thompson - 9 stars

Damned By Faith EP

Damned By Faith EP
(self-released - 2010)

Damned By Faith is the demo from Pennsylvania-based band Buzzkill, who formed in 2009. This is a release where genre classification fails completely as the band's songs show influences ranging from Misfits style punk to grunge, psychedelic rock to Bay Area thrash, blues to stoner rock. To be honest, this shouldn't really work but the songs are written and performed so skillfully that it is almost impossible to dislike them!
The playing on this EP is very tight, with Mike Grasty's guitar as the driving force. Grasty proves himself a versatile axeman, changing from grungy riffs to well-though out bluesy solos in the blink of an eye. Kevin Yorkus fills in the gaps well with machine gun drumming that lays a solid foundation over which the Brian Yorkus' bass rumbles steadily. Ryan Williams provides the vocals and has an extremely strong and passionate voice which could work in anything from punk to grunge to hard rock... just as well then, as the band covers all these styles!
This is one of the most diverse sounds I've heard in quite a while and I thoroughly enjoyed this EP from start to finish. The skillfully interwoven styles blend seamlessly with each other to create a truly unique piece of work that will be enjoyed by a wide cross-section of music fans.

9 stars

Mike Thompson


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