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Fallen - Philip Thelen - 4 stars


(Byelobog Productions - 2011)

Varg Vikernes is one of the infamous persons in the Norwegian black metal scene. I won't write anything about what he did in the past or anything else. This review only will point my view of the new album Fallen. If you are interested in anything else, check out the world wide web.
The introduction is called Frad Verdenstreet. Someone is whispering words you don't understand. That's it. Jeg faller starts with screaming guitars, maybe produced with transistor amps or something else. The very fast drums slow down after a short phrase in the beginning and speed up with the vocals. These are, not as expected, more without voice, before he is starts humming. Then he whispers again. Next song Valen is different. Maybe it could be an similar drum riff, not very creative. But the arrangement of this song is different. For example there are guitar riffs and I can detect some melody lines. Vanvidd starts with a guitar riff before drums are starting. If the drums would be more creative, this song sound very different to the first two songs. The vocals are not that bad as some are thinking of. Next song Enhver til sitt reminds me on the tracks I listened before.
Normally, this would be the point to skip the track or even turn it off... But I continue listening. It's very hard to listen to such long tracks when there is nothing new and everything is sound similar. I know that they want it to sound like this. I know that it has to be that way... Budstikken is the longest track with 10 minutes. And it starts very different to the rest of the songs due to it's intro which is very slow. But listening to this part for about 1 minute is a bit boring. Anyway, this song really is different to the rest. Drums are a bit more creative. Same is for the vocals. Til hel og tilbake igjen starts with slow toms shining through a long reverb plate. Maybe there is a cowbell ringing. I don't know. This goes on for about 2 minutes. In the end I think, is it a 5 minute outro?
In my opinion, the songs are much too long and riffing, especially drum parts, are repeating on and on. The other thing I don't like on these black metal productions is this crap sound. Why do you like this? Maybe I don't understand it. It could be so much better...

4 stars

Philip Thelen


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