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- Global Warning - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Global Warning

Global Warning
(Formula One Rec. - 2008)

With Global Warning the British band Burn is releasing their 3rd album, but their first 2 albums aren't widely known as they were released in 1993 (So Far, So Bad) and 1995 (Spark To A Flame) at a time where melodic metal and hard rock weren't popular. And so they stayed in the underground.
With some heavy riffs Burn kick off Shadow Of The Satellites, a guitar-based hard rocker with a catchy hook. Singer Jeff Ogden has a deep and slightly raspy voice, reminds me a bit of Johnny Gioeli.... The first tune shows that the British bands target group are the fans of bands like Whitesnake, Hardline, Heaven And Earth, Silver and Joe Lynn Turner.. The following Dangerous Times has a different feel.. There is a sad undertone... A bittersweet touch... The song gets an 80's touch through the Hammond organ, but it stays in the background and just backs the guitars of Phil Hammond and Julian Nicholas. With the next one Forgive Me they speed up a bit. The refrain is catchy and full of hope... Like someone who asked for forgiveness and is sure to be forgiven. Way heavier starts Down In Flames, but also Barney Stackhouse's keyboard is more prominent. A guitar-based rocker with a catchy hook. A powerful ballade is Pray For Rain, it has a slightly symphonic touch. The piano part is enchanting and the guitars add partly some heavy riffs - and some neo-classical influenced guitar solo. An ear catcher! Like The Street this band would have had the chance to make it big in the late 80's / early 90's, but perhaps hard rock and melodic metal will have a comeback.. At least these days there are some good bands out to change it!
Okay, at the moment this sound isn't hip, but there are still a lot people who like a good hard rock album! So, if you are into hard rock then check out the new album of the British band Burn! But be aware that you can get burnt!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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